Friday 26 August 2016

Scrub Love

Happy Friyay!
What do you lovely lot have planned for the bank holiday weekend?
I’m going to be busy building IKEA furniture and fake tanning.. which brings me onto the subject of exfoliating….
A major necessity for the fake tanners among us, you need to exfoliate to give yourself a good base for your fake tan.
When the team at Scrub Love got in touch telling me about their coffee scrub – I was intrigued. 

Not being a coffee drinker myself, I did wonder if Scrub Love would be a definite no from me – but, after using the product twice, I can safely say that I have been converted!

Blended with totally organic ingredients Scrub Love comes into your life as a quite large sachet – inside you’ll find black coffee grains, scented (in my case) with Mint, Tea Tree, Argan Oil and Roast Organic Coffee (of course)
The hint of mint Scrub Love will stimulate circulation, and the coffee will slough off those nasty dead skin cells; leaving your skin buffed, soft and totally glowing!

Peppermint Oil (and it’s pore cleansing properties) offer an anti-bacterial benefit, and Tea Tree Oil is great for healing and softening.

Also included is dead sea salt, Argan oil and Aloe Vera.
How to use -

1) Get naked. Yep, Scrub Love works best in the shower or tub.
Grab a handful of scrub and gently rub it into your skin (little circles rule) – no need to go too hard, though – the sweet ingredients and natural oils help make your skin super glowy.
2) Got five? Leave the scrub on for as long as you can to give your skin life.
3) Rinse off and then swoon over how soft and amazing your skin looks and feels.
4) Keep your Scrub Love handy in the bathroom – use three to four times a week for reach-out-and-touch-me skin.
The body scrubs are made from 100% natural ingredients, that will banish blemishes then target acne, stretch marks, cellulite and anything else you throw at them - to give you a gorgeous glow.
Are you ready to feel the love?
I can honestly say hands down that I was extremely dubious about this scrub, but the scent of Coffee didn’t bother me, and the messiness of scrubbing your body with it, and getting it EVERYWHERE didn’t bother me – simply because my skin was left the softest it has ever felt in my 35 years of life! 

Days afterwards my skin is still soft, and refined and my gradual tan is looking all the better for it too.

With 3 variations to choose from – Coconut Affair, Mint Temptation and Original Lovin’ there’s something for everyone –from £11.95Here’ 

Have you tried Coffee Scrubs before? 

This little coffee wonder - I just cannot live without! 

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