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Hi I’m Claire, a happy go lucky, hard-working, cat loving, beauty and lifestyle blogger from leafy Surrey, in the United Kingdom!

Formerly PinkChickClaire until January 2017 - I decided to change my name to That's What I Like.  This name change is hopefully the start of a new era with my blog.

My blog is a mixture of website reviews, events that I have attended, life style posts and general beauty reviews and chit chat.

I have been blogging since 19th December 2011, and I started blogging because I followed so many other beauty bloggers and I thought why not start? It’s free and interesting and I can use it to de-stress and meet lovely new people, so my new hobby was born! 

So that’s how I started blogging and I urge any of you that are thinking of blogging to just go for it!  You have nothing to lose.  And if you're a people person like me - you will get to meet so many lovely bloggers, and get to work with great companies.

One tip I will say is don't worry about your followers / Readers these will come in time and everyone has to start somewhere!

I sometimes get sent products to review for my blog – as always I will tell you in the blog post if a product has been sent to me for these purposes.

If you are a P.R company and would like to work with me please send me an email I would love to work with you – pinkchickclaire@gmail.com

See you chicks later..



  1. Hello Claire. I would be super happy if you check my blog. Thank you so so much,
    xoxo Nika


  2. Hi Nika! Thanks for the comment I have now subbed to your fab blog via GFC xx

  3. love your blog! check mine out www.glamnorth.blogspot.com <3 proudly canadiann


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