Monday 29 August 2016

Antipodes - And why I adore the brand so much

It's not often that one brand is written about on four separate occasions on my blog - so it just goes to show how much I love Antipodes.
To celebrate Organic Beauty Week (it's actually on for 19th-25th September) - I thought I would share with you my must buys from this amazing organic brand!

Antipodes takes the best of New Zealand nature to the world.
Their range of certified organic and premium natural skincare and makeup is sold in 12 countries internationally, as well as New Zealand where it’s proudly made.

You’ll recognise Antipodes by its distinctive green flora wallpaper design.
Recyclable packaging contains bioactive New Zealand botanical ingredients and scientifically validated skin solutions.
Heavenly pure plant fragrances evoke experiences in the Antipodes like waking to dew-scented air after a star-filled summer night.

Developed by Wellington based founder Elizabeth Barbalich just eight years ago, there are now 26 skincare products, five natural mineral foundations and six lipsticks in the Antipodes range.
I have met the lovely Elizabeth in person, and I must say, she is as lovely as her products are!
She is incredibly down to Earth and totally proud of her amazing brand.
I adore Antipodes packaging, each product is so lovingly made.

My favourite 5 products are -

Namaste Hand and Body Wash - Antibacterial properties, with Coconut Oil and Green Tea extract make this HUGE pump dispenser hand and body wash live by my shower, I use it every single day without fail, the scent of sweet lime and black pepper wake me up in the mornings, and my whole bathroom is left filled with the gorgeous scent.  For £22.00 'Here' 500ml. 

Joyful Hand and Body Cream - If you want to smell like a Diptyque candle, then the 'Joyful' scent in this stunning multi purpose moisturiser for hands and body is for you!  I use this baby every single night before bed, and if I am feeling particularly indulgent I will also use it all over my body too.
It's velvety texture is totally up my street, and I cannot get enough of it.  For £23.50 'Here' 120ml.
Aura Manuka Honey Mask - A Blogger favourite, this spot fighting Honey mask lives in my bathroom.  If a spot erupts, I put this on a cleansed face, and I instantly feel the spot disappearing.  Anything with Manuka Honey in it, is worth it's weight in gold in my book, and this mask is my ultimate desert island purchase!  For £27.50 'Here' 75ml.

Grapeseed Butter Cleanser - with Vinanza Grape, Harekeke Flax & Hibiscus Bloom - this light but intensely cleansing balm is a pleasure to use, a small amount rubbed over your face and then emulsified with water, leaves your skin cushioned, cleansed and lightly exfoliated.  I have recently used every bit of this product up, and I simply love the way it makes my parched skin feel For £25.50 'Here' 75 grams I love it more than my Elemis balm cleanser!

Juliet Skin - Brightening Gel Cleanser - Last, but by no means least; a cleanser that I have been using for the past 4 months.  My skin glows after using this cleanser daily.  It also contains Manuka Honey, and is perfect for Normal to Oily skin types.  A little of this gem, goes a very long way!
For £21.50 'Here' 200ml
Have you tried anything from Antipodes before?

I wish I could win the lottery so that I could give each and every one of you the opportunity to try this brand, so that you can love it as much as I do.

There's not a day in the week where I am not using something from the Antipodes range, and as a Blogger, there aren't many ranges I could give that testament too!
You can view the full range from Antipodes 'Here' you won't be sorry... but your debit card won't like you very much afterwards!
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  1. I have only tried a moisturiser from Antipodes ages ago! I will have to pick some more bits up next time I run into empties.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment :-) let me know what you pick up? x

  2. Oh I love enthusiastic posts like this, you make me want to run out and try their products right now! The mask sounds particularly great x

    1. Hey Fea, Thanks for your lovely comment! Really means a lot. Definitely try the brand.. and hopefully you'll love it as much as I do xx

  3. Thanks for sharing Antipodes natural skincare Claire. We adore your beautiful images. #lovethearoha

    1. Thanks guys - it's not often that I write about a brand on 5 separate occasions, so it just goes to show how much I love you! xx


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