Sunday 22 May 2016

Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists – a brand that I have heard of before – but I’ve never had the pleasure of purchasing.
When the team got in touch and offered me the opportunity to choose a pair, and then review them, I couldn’t say no.

For someone that when their feet are uncomfortable, they are uncomfortable – I am forever carrying spare trainers in my bag.  The concept of Butterfly Twists is simple – foldable and portable ballet shoes, that fold in half, come in variety of styles - and then can be neatly stored in their own drawstring bag.  

They take up no room at all, and my bad neck and back thank them for this regularly.

I didn’t know just how comfortable Butterfly Twists would be, and I was pleasantly surprised.  
Like walking on air, the Butterfly Twists are a pleasure to wear.
They look really stylish in the office, and much more expensive than they look.
 I’ve had tons of compliments on this style 'Zara style' for £35.00 – a muted camel / taupe colour (they also come in black), with a metal looking toe-cap – which are actually plastic!
I think if the toe cap was metal, it would of added some extra weight to the style of the shoes, so this addition didn’t worry me at all because the plastic section is quite sturdy.
The sole of Butterfly Twists is study and hard wearing – so I know that I am going to get plenty of use out of these beauties!
 Butterfly Twists also stock Wellies, and Sandals – these aren’t a foldable style like the ballerinas; but are still of fantastic quality and in gorgeous styles too!
These Rose Gold sandals have my name written all over them!

What do you think of Butterfly Twists?  
I wish that these were invented when I was in my 20’s and coming out of nightclubs and removing my shoes to walk the street barefoot.  How dangerous!  I reckon the whole club would have had these in their clutch bags, ready for the beer goggled taxi journey home! (those were the days)

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  1. These foldable flats are super particular and sweet... plus and most important they look very comfy! This is the first time I've heard of butterfly twists but sounds nice!!!

  2. Aww Valentina, thanks for the lovely comment xx

  3. OMG I need these!! I wonder if they're available in Oz. These would be great to have in my drawer at work and in my hold all (mega handbag) for those odd nights out on the tiles hahaha

    1. Aww thanks for the fab comment. I think butterfly twists is available for international shipping. :-) x


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