Saturday 28 May 2016

Waddle Goose Cyder

Happy Bank Holiday weekend my friends!
To celebrate the long weekend, how about hanging out in the garden with a refreshing Cyder from Waddle Goose?
When I moved house a few weeks back - the team at Aspall got in touch, and offered me a moving in gift in the form of Waddle Goose, the contemporary cyder from Aspall.

Being an intermittent Cyder drinker, I thought why not trial the brand - whilst enjoying my new home?  Aspall is British through and through too!
Aspall Cyders story began as a family cyder-making business, established in 1728 by Clement Chevallier. He planted the orchards at Aspall Hall in Suffolk. 

The Chevallier family still live and work among Clement’s orchards and today Aspall is run by the eighth generation of the family.
Waddle Goose Cyder comes in 3 varieties - Cyder, Blueberry and Three Berry Cyder (my personal favourite)
Aspall has been home to the Chavalier family for nine generations. A tiny hamlet north of the small market town of Debenham in mid-Suffolk. It’s a rural and agricultural area characterised by the young river Deben flowing through their orchards.
Waddle Goose Cyder (the orange bottle) is different - A new sparkling cyder with a fresh apple aroma, kicked up a gear by the inclusion of new varieties.
These modern fruits are selected to suit the modern palate: a less acidic cyder that delivers sweetness without losing its crisp apple bite. Light to medium bodied, mid- to pale straw coloured and bursting with refreshing flavour, it’s the quality of Aspall made for new cyder tastes.
The Cyder is £2.22 for 500ml 'Here'
Each Cyder is ALC 4.6% VOL.
The Three Berry Cyder (the pink bottle) is Waddlegoose cyder’s even fruitier cousin has a beautiful deep blush that goes hand in hand with the tangy flavours of blueberry, blackcurrant and raspberry.
It’s sweet and crisp with a medium body and an attractive berry finish that more than delivers on the promise of its fresh and fruity aroma.
For £2.70 for 500ml 'Here'
I really like Waddle Gooses' packaging, company ethos and history.
The brand is available to buy from Tesco, and you can purchase the brand by the case too.

Do you love Cyder as much as me?
Will you be trying Waddle Goose?

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