Thursday 11 February 2016

The Libbie Club February 2016

I adore The Libbie Club - they totally bring brands that I would never of thought of to my desk.
This month's box offered two full size haircare products from Salon Science, An amazing serum from Elemental Herbology and a Stress Less Therapy Balm from Scentered.
Let's delve in...
I'm dubious of trying new haircare purely because my scalp is not very happy at the moment and I don't want to make my psoriasis worse!
I have never heard of the brand Salon Science before - but I have seen it in tons of the glossy magazines.
Formulated and developed by the leading biochemistry experts in Switzerland, SALON SCIENCE has been designed to tackle a series of hair problems and comprises four targeted collections . . .
PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Apple: For Anti-Ageing and Restored Volume
AnaGain™ Organic Pea Sprout: For Targeting Hair Loss
GSP-T Swiss Grape: For Repair and Radiance
AquaCacteen Organic Cactus: For Hydration and Scalp Relief.

In this month's box from The Libbie Club you can try the Celluluxe shampoo and conditioner - from the PhytoCell range.  Anti ageing and restored volume.
I have been trialling these two products for over a week and so far so good.  They smell gorgeous and do not weigh my fine hair down.
You can pick up these beauties for £30.00 with a FREE hair mask! 'Here'
Next up a serum - amazingly packaged from the brand Elemental Herbology a brand which I have heard of before but hasn't been on my radar for some time.
In my box this month there was two sample sachets of this product for you to try before you delve into the full sized product.  I liked this idea as I never know how my skin will react to new skincare, but I needn't of worried!
This serum helps to boost radiance and vitality. Containing a ‘power house’ of proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants, Cell Food is an essential addition to any skincare regime.

Ideal for dull, under-nourished skin and frequent travellers.
It goes on like silk and within seconds my skin drinks it in!
I noticed my stressed skin looking more luminous and hydrated and my makeup applied easier.
You can pick up the Elemental Herbology Cell Food Radiance and Vitality Serum - with a FREE Vital Cleanse and FREE Vital Glow for £45.00 'Here'
Lastly something which I NEED in my life at the moment - stressless products!
This little gem is from the brand Scentered, not a brand which I have heard of before, but one I really, really like (already).

A balancing and uplifting balm to ease everyday tensions, soothe the mind and lift the spirits. Take comfort in Stress Less when dealing with the demands of modern life, whether it’s a hard day at work, family or personal commitments, or the eternal juggle to keep it all in balance.

A 100% natural therapy balm to help keep you centred, no matter where you are or what life throws at you.

I have used this daily, because my life is just not going to plan at the moment and I need all the help I can get!  It smells gorgeous and calms my mind for a few moments at night time.

You can pick up the Scentered Stressless balm for £11.60 'Here'
So there you have it, another months box from The Libbie Club - don't forget to take advantage of my offers whilst you can!

Anything caught your eye with this months offerings?
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