Sunday 14 February 2016

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover For Feet

(warning) foot photos coming up! 
Being totally addicted to nail polishes / nail care - I am ALWAYS looking for the next 'new thing' to hit the market.  
Upon my visit to Paris a few months back (you can watch the vlog of my trip 'Here') I of course visited the mothership AKA Sephora... I then stumbled across a really innovative product from Sephora's own nail range - the Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover for Feet

Like the nail polish pots we have been using for a while now, this one has the remover foam in the lid, meaning easy peasy toe nail polish removal - YES!!
I'm so pleased to of picked this little marvel up - having quite long legs means that my toenails can be rather out of reach - literally!!
This has all of the remover in it within the foam lid, and you simply press the foam onto your toenails, and the formula does all the rest.
You can mold the foam applicator into the shape that you want / need and then the remover will take away your old polish leaving your toenails free of colour and conditioned.
The foam doesn't have previous nail polish on it because before you go to use the pot - you shake it to activate the formula, so each time its clean and clear of old stuff!
I wish we sold Sephora products in the UK again, because their own brand of products are fab!
I know that this product is hard to buy in the UK, so I have found you a Bourjois alternative which looks exactly the same as the Sephora one which you can buy 'Here' for £7.99
Have you tried remover pots for feet? 
I just had to share this little marvel with you because I simply use it every time I want a colour change!  (I wish I'd purchased more)You can view the full Sephora nail polish removal range 'Here'

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