Sunday 22 March 2015

Yves Rocher - Sérum Végétal

I was lucky enough to be sent the latest innovation from Yves Rocher in the form of a duo kit.  Contained inside were the Sérum Végétal Day Cream, and Night Cream.
The Sérum Végétal Range contains the powerful ingredient mesembryanthemum crystallinum otherwise known as the crystalline ice or the ‘Life Plant’ it’s quickly absorbed into the skin, and it stimulates the skin’s protein, helping to fight wrinkles.

I have blogged twice about Yves Rocher, which you can read ‘Here and Here’ but I have never told you more about the company, so I thought in this post I would do just that!

Yves Rocher is France's no. 1 selling make-up and skincare brand, sold in 88 countries worldwide and used by 30 million women every day. The brand is really unique, with a focus on home-grown botanical properties that are put to use in their affordable, all-natural beauty products.
Botanical beauty is the future of beauty.

I am 34 (year’s young) I really don’t feel my age, nor do I act like it sometimes, but ageing is worrying me.  My mother has incredible genes, and her skin does not resemble that of someone who’s had 3 children, and is in her 70’s.  So I think my skin, and its lack of wrinkles comes from her.  
I don’t really have what I’d call an ‘ageing skin’, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and what I do drink is TONS of water.  I don’t have the healthiest of diets – and fitness has gone out of the window since my car accident over a year ago.  But generally - I'm in good health, 

I moisturise my body and face twice a day – I go through body lotion like no one else on this planet!  So trialling any sort of anti-ageing product really needs to wow me, or show me some sort of result.

I don’t have the usual laughter / smile lines by the side of my eyes, but I do know - that they are coming.  So when I saw that creases and wrinkles were reduced in the Sérum Végétal range I was very intrigued.

I opted for the duo that offered me help with ‘wrinkles and radiance’ smoothing and reviving -anything for the face, is right up my street!

You can view more about the Ice Plant ingredient in Sérum Végétal below -

I've been ill with sinusitis, and on antibiotics for over a week - so I really needed to give my dull skin a boost.  The smell of this range is a cross between oranges and camomile – maybe it’s my nose, but this is the scent that I got straight out of the jar! (Maybe it’s my nose not being over the sinusitis!)
I found that the Smoothing Day Care Cream is an excellent base for make-up – something that I was dubious about, simply because I do not have the time in the mornings for face creams to sink into my skin, before applying my make-up.  

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the cream sunk into my skin.  It also seemed to hydrate my skin throughout the day – regardless if I was wearing a mineral powder foundation or a liquid foundation.

At night I used the Sérum Végétal night cream.  I found this cream / balm much more of a thicker consistency than the day cream, but still with the gorgeous comforting orange scent.  

At night after cleansing my face I would massage the cream all over, and give myself a mini facial massage to help the product sink in, as well as helping improve circulation.  

The night cream sunk in really well, and I woke without the feeling of any residue of the cream left on my skin.  I also found that dry patches around my nose were diminished since using this cream for two weeks.

My mineral foundation sits better on my skin, and both products are a joy to use daily. 

So are you intrigued, and like me - just trying to stop the ageing process as much as you can?

I couldn't recommend these two creams enough – I have seen an improvement in my skins texture and tone within a few weeks of use, when my skin was at its most vulnerable due to illness.

Using the duo set in conjunction with each other has really helped me see results; results which I hope to keep on seeing in the weeks to come.

You can pick up the Sérum Végétal day and night cream for £21.00 'Here' where you also get the night cream for free! 

What do you think of the range?

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  1. Very interesting product. I'm more intrigued bc of the smell, I've tried botanical type cremes before and the smell is just horrible and the texture was just blah! I think I will deff look into this sounds promising

    1. Let me know if you end up purchasing this honey! They are wonderful creams and work in harmony with each other xx


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