Wednesday 25 March 2015

Currently Lusting After - Zara

I adore Zara, and although I can't fit into any of their trousers - I have tons of scarves, shoes and tops and jewellery from the brand.

With it being Spring, and the light colours and textures being introduced into the British high street, I thought I share with you some items from Zara that have caught my eye!

1. Bag - This bag and it's adorable Sky Blue colour, is totally up my street!  It's classy with a rigid frame that means it'll keep it's box shape, no matter what you put inside it! This Sky Blue Beauty can be found 'Here' for £49.99

2. Necklace - This Feather Detail Necklace is just beautiful!  Long, with a nice dangle and it looks wayyy more expensive that it's £19.99 price tag 'Here'

3. Shoes - I adore the simplicity of these Espadrilles, made from Linen and Goat leather, they look effortlessly stylish, and the Metal Cap Toe adds and extra little something to whole look.  Great for holidays too £39.99 'Here'

4. Scarf - This Jacquard Pom Pom Scarf is beyond beautiful.  I have amassed a rather LARGE collection of Zara scarf's in my time.  They are the first thing that I aim for when looking in the Zara sales!  They wash really well and last for years.  This jacquard beauty, even has pom pom's what's not to like?? You can pick this baby up for £25.99 'Here'

5. Jumper - I love white jumpers, so stylish and modern for the Spring time.  This gorgeous jumper / sweatshirt is just beautiful.  It's covered in diamant√© and eyelets.  Hopefully it'll fit over my lady mountains!!  You can pick this baby up for £25.99 'Here'

T-shirt - This Low Back Pink Flower T-Shirt is lovely, I really like the leaf pattern, and the muted pastel tones.  The back of this T-Shirt is also very unusual as it drapes slightly.  You can see the detail 'Here' for £19.99

7. Earrings - Last but by no means least, are a pair of unusual earrings.  These Anchor Earrings give you the option of them peaking from below your earlobe, or alternatively you can just wear them simply as stud earrings.  I love the turquoise colour. Coloured Anchor Earrings £12.99 'Here'

So that's my little selection pack of items from Zara, anything caught your eye?

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