Wednesday 18 March 2015

Magnitone Lucid

Magnitone, is a brand I had never heard of before - until I was looking for an oscillating facial cleansing brush.  

There are so many on the market, it baffled me.  Then I saw that Magnitone had collaborated with Pixie Lott and I thought that any celebrity endorsement is helpful as a consumer, so my interest was piqued.

 I was lucky enough to speak with Magnitone directly and purchased my Magnitone Lucid for £20.00.  That was such a kind thing for Magnitone to do!  So many thanks to them.

I ended up purchasing the Magnitone Lucid in Aqua Green – I loved the calming shade of green.  
The Lucid came beautifully packaged with helpful instructions, and away I went, using it!
Now, I have been using the Magnitone Lucid for over 3 months, and it hasn’t disappointed me.  What I like about it the most is how it enhances the absorption of regular cleansers.

I don’t use the brush twice as day, as recommended by Magnitone - as I find that this is too much for my skin, instead I keep it for my evening cleanse, when I really want to remove the days make up and grime and pollution that my skin has had to put up with, throughout the day.

The brush offers two cleansing modes – deep clean and sensitive.  (I usually opt for deep clean)
The Magnitone beeps to tell you when to move from one section of your face to the other (called the 20 second zonal timer) – the instructions tell you to start on your forehead, then cleanse each side of your face – so that you clean in 3 sections.  This made perfect sense to me, and within two days I noticed a difference in my skin, it felt softer and more refined.

My moisturiser and serum sunk into my dry skin easier, and my pores were more refined and cleansed.   The brush just exfoliated really well, and I noticed less spots appearing.
The brush is also 100% waterproof meaning that you can use it in the bath or shower – I haven’t used the Magnitone for this purpose – I purely keep it for facial exfoliation, but it’s nice to have the option there, should you need it!  

If you want to use the Magnitone for your body and exfoliating for self-tanning perhaps, then you can purchase a special ‘Body Cleanse’ brush from Magnitone’s website for £11.99Here
To charge the device, Magnitone have the coolest magnetic charger, you simply plug in the base unit, and snap on the magnet and your Magnitone will charge.
One charge also lasts for 2 weeks!  (In my case it lasts longer than this because I'm only using it once daily)
Other benefits include – a 12 month warranty on the device, and ‘Active Electromagnetic Technology’ with 10,000 pulsed oscillations p/m.
Here's the video from Magnitone

Here's me Make - up free (and looking like a boy!)
I'm thrilled with my Magnitone Lucid, and I simply cannot be without it!  It’s changed my skin for the better and I'm looking forward to trying more of the brushes from the range, to really 'amp up'my cleansing routine!

You can purchase a Magnitone Lucid for £69.99 'Here' and there are 5 colours to chose from.

Have you tried Magnitone before?  If so, what do you think?

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