Wednesday 7 January 2015


When new products arrive on my desk I kinda jump up and down and get excited!  
After all isn't that what blogging is all about?  Finding new ranges and trialling them?
#LipGlam is a new concept in the world of multi-purpose moisturisers, want to hear more?..

Featured in Birchbox already, and reviewed by many other beauty bloggers and press, #LipGlam is packaged in a really fancy box, #LipGlam provides you with a portable multi-purpose moisturiser.  Much like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream before it, #LipGlam does everything the EA would do and more.
 A natural SOS with immediate protection of your skins natural barrier, it maintains moisture, is dermatologically tested and the best bit? it lasts up to 8 hours! All for under £10.00.
I have been using LipGlam for well over a month, purely because I wanted to give myself chance to trial it properly for you.  I can honestly say, that I reach for it constantly and even the Eve Lom Kiss Mix that I purchased over Christmas, doesn't even come close to LipGlam!
 What I love most about the product is its portability, Elizabeth Arden comes in huge tube which takes up room in your handbag.  With #LipGlam you can use as little, or as much as you need, with the slanting nib, you push out the required amount of product out, and then apply it.

I usually use Vaseline, which doesn't last that long, but #LipGlam offers long lasting moisturisation, fast acting treatment and its main ingredient is natural Lanolin.
Benefits -
 Contains natural lanolin
8-hour moisture
Restores skin’s natural barrier
100% natural ingredients
Dermatologically tested
Free from colourants and additives
Can also be used on cuticles, spit ends, dry skin patches, eyebrows etc.
Made in England
 I love the stuff, warming it up in your fingertips before applying it to your lips ensures that it can be evenly distributed.  I have gotten completely addicted to LipGlam purely because it does the job in hydrating my lips in the winter months.  I have also been using it on my dry chapped cuticles and knuckles to help hydrate them.
You can use #LipGlam for everything here's some ideas -
Dry Skin Relief
Soothes Chaffing and Rashes
Eyebrow Balm
Lip and Mascara Primer
Split End Soother
Cuticle Ointment
Lip Balm

For £9.99 for 12ml a little really does a long way, and as it's beautifully packaged it would make a fab gift 'Here
It's my 'go to' for hydrating my lips in the New Year.

What do you think of #LipGlam?

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  1. I have this and am using it too, am impressed so far x

  2. This sounds really good. Well done on testing it for a decent amount of time- so many bloggers dont test things adequate duration x

    1. Hi, thanks for the wonderful comment! Your right they don't test things for long enough, instead rush to compile a review. thanks for the great comment xx


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