Saturday 3 January 2015

Neals Yard Remedies

Just after Christmas I was lucky enough to be asked to visit the Neals Yard Remedies store in Windsor.  
This was in celebration of the Windsor store turning one on the 18th.  Unfortunately due to work I couldn't attend the 18th December celebrations, but the team at Neals Yard offered me a treatment at another time,and to pop along to the store anyway, which was lovely!
I haven't been to Windsor for years, so it was a day out for me, with some major history thrown in for good measure.

Situated in the main high street in Windsor the store is slap-bang in the middle of everything and very easy to find.
I haven't used anything from Neals Yard before, but all of my friends rave about the brand, so I was really excited to receive my treatment and trial some of the products that my friends use.

For my treatment I had arranged to have a full body massage which is 60 heavenly minutes at £55.00 The treatment rooms above the store are extensive and beautifully decorated.
You can view the full timetable of treatments offered at the Windsor store by clicking 'Here'
My therapist was Vicki Kaufmann, who put me right at ease (considering I was late to my appointment from getting stuck on the M25!) I didn't know how long my treatment would be, as the store just booked me in for what they thought I needed.

Vicki was just wonderful I talked her through my injured shoulder, how I feel day to day, and my lifestyle and diet.
In the end with oils, we chose Fennel, Cardamon, and Black Pepper to really get the circulation going and revive my sore body.  For more information about Aromatherapy massage click 'Here'
Mixed with a carrier oil, and in conjunction with the amazing electric diffuser circulating uplifting scents into the treatment room, and my cup of detox tea - we were ready for the hour long treatment.
The massage was the BEST massage I have ever had.  I have had a lot of body treatments in my life time, from spas across the country from various presents to treatments I have purchased myself.  But the difference with what Vicki offers is outstanding.
It is a top to toe massage - literally!
From massaging your feet, to your legs, hands and then having a scalp massage and then having a pressure point facial massage done, everything is covered.

You are left completely relaxed and invigorated.  Instead of having a shoulder massage and feeling like the other parts of your body need a treatment too, the difference with Vicki's treatments mean that your whole body is relaxed and treated.

I was told to not shower, and to leave the oils on my body and hair for as long as possible - which I did, and I left it till the next day.  My skin was so soft with the oils Vicki used.
After my treatment I popped (on a cloud) down to the store to view the various product ranges and chat with the staff. I was intrigued by the range of electric diffusers on offer.  I have seen them in a French department store a while ago but I haven't seen them in the UK.
Neals Yard range of aromatherapy oils is extensive.  They have 'ready mixed oils' for you to use straight away, or alternatively oils that you can mix with a carrier oil or with a cream to make a body lotion.  I could of spent a fortune!
Just look at the extensive range!  I have added so much to my shopping list for 2015!

Also part of the Neals Yard Range are reed diffusers and room sprays - again something I didn't know the brand stocked.  Who doesn't need a calming diffuser or room spray in their lives?
The candles in the photo above were divine.  From Uplifting, Calming and Balancing scents.
The candles are priced at £20.30 at the moment with 30% off 'Here'
The above photo shows the wall of therapies, and treatments that the Windsor store offers.
Another range I wasn't aware of was make-up.  all beautifully packaged, these to have gone on my shopping list.
The Windsor store is beautiful, very clean with the dark blue product packaging doing the talking.
Currently offering a 30% sale, after Christmas there are several bargains to be had which you can check out 'Here'
I am thrilled with my full body massage at Neals Yard, and I am so thankful to the team for giving me the opportunity to have a complimentary treatment.

I picked up a trial box of the dry skincare kit, which I will review for you guys soon.
I was also provided with sample sachets of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm which I know so many people rave about, so I will let you know my thoughts on this balm shortly.

What's your favourite products from Neals Yard?  Is there anything you recommend?

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    1. Hi Serena, Thanks for the lovely message. it is indeed wonderful x

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  3. Hi Claire - thank you for your lovely comments. it was good to meet you and I felt that you really needed that treatment. Be good to yourself & hope to see you again.

  4. Claire - it was lovely to meet you. I really appreciate your kind words and feedback.
    I felt you especially benefited from the treatment because you needed it!
    Do look after yourself, and hope to see you again soon. vicki

    1. Vicki, You are such a sweetie. It was my pleasure to write the review because it was the best massage I have ever had! I will definitely be seeing you again. best wishes and thanks again Claire xx

  5. I am a big Neal's Yard fan- such a great brand. I always pop in if I am near a store, although I haven't had a treatment in one, but it sounds fab. I have a box of products, although I havent blogged about any for a while. Really enjoyed seeing inside theis store and hearing about it. I have never been to Windsor (yet!) . x

    1. Thanks for the great comment. You should definitely get the NYR products out and use them! Let me know what you like the best. x


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