Wednesday 14 January 2015

The "Wet" Brush

Loving all things hair like I do, being sent hair tools or products to review fills me with joy.  
Look Fantastic kindly sent me The "Wet" Brush - a company and concept that I had never heard of before.  
I adore my Tangle Teezer, so anything which can sway me from my beloved collection of Tangle Teezers (I have quite a few) must be good, right?  
So The "Wet" Brush was welcomed with open arms into my hair arsenal, and it's definitely here to stay.  I can now explain why I love it so much, after over a month of using it.

I must confess that I was extremely dubious about using this brush, simply because I have very fine hair, which is very over processed (being ombre and blonde) and I have a very sensitive scalp (psoriasis) meaning that anything that pulls my hair, and irritates my scalp whilst brushing is a definite no,no!  Hence why I adore Tangle Teezers so much, their plastic non evasive bristles mean I am not scared of using them.

When The "Wet" Brush arrived, and I felt the bristles I was extremely surprised by how flexible and soft they were!  On first 'brush', my hair was left de-tangled and my scalp was left massaged.  (what's not to love about that?!)

The paddle brush features a large, rectangular cushion which is especially good at detangling long and thick hair as well as being gentle on the scalp.
It boasts IntelliFlex™ bristles which are thinner, stronger and more flexible than others for snag-free brushing.
The "Wet" Brush Paddle can even be used on extensions and wigs.
This Silver brush banishes unruly tangles, and makes a great foundation stone to your hair care routine.
The brush can be used on wet and dry hair, meaning that it's perfect for the gym, and it can be used to style your hair, when blow drying it.
You can turn 5 minutes of daily de-tangling into a mini relaxation session thanks to the pain-free SofTips™ on the ends of the bristles that gently massage the scalp to stimulate circulation.

You can purchase the stone cold silver paddle brush from The "Wet" Brush company for £13.99 'Here'
You can view The "Wet" brush complete range on Look Fantastic with prices ranging from £7.99 - £24.99 'Here'

They also offer a totally cool 'Selfie Brush' where you can have a paddle brush, mirror and phone case in one! How snazzy.  For £17.99 'Here'

So what do you think of The "Wet" Brush?
Does a multi tasking brush excite you as much as it does me? :-)

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  1. Been really wanting to buy the wet brush. I heard it's much better for long, thick hair than the tangle teezer so I wanna get my hands on it. The selfie brush is such a funny idea. :D

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  2. Hi Renata,

    Thanks very much for the lovely comment. You should definitely treat yourself to a wet brush. Let me know what you think of it when you do! xx


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