Sunday 25 January 2015

5 Reasons Why I'm Happy To be Single!

A different sort of video from me today!  I'm not sure if you will empathise with it, or just hate it!
 But this is my point of view on a subject that everyone woman goes through, at some point in their lives.
I guess I'm still looking for 'the one' and I have tried believe me, but at the moment its not meant to be.  So instead of worrying about it, I'm going to look after myself first.

One day it will happen, but until then - get yourself in a happy place, enjoy time for you and just see what happens!
My video below explains my perspective a bit more.
So what do you think?  Have you struggled with singledom like me?
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  1. Good video idea Claire! I'm also single, I dated a few times during Fall, but now that I'm back in my little town there is just no single guys! So for now I'm waiting to move to a bigger city because to be honest, I go out at the pub whenever there is a hockey game, thinking I'll see guys but they are all with their girlfriends, groping them like they were the last guys on earth!


    1. Aww Stephanie, Where are all the decent, gentlemanly single guys in the world?? Like you I go out to places and all the men are taken! :-( It's OK our time will come. xxxx


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