Wednesday 21 January 2015

KIKO Volumeyes Plus Mascara - Review

KIKO MILANO are a cosmetics brand that I have heard tons of other beauty bloggers rave about for months.  
When I recently visited their Regent Street store, I suddenly 'found myself' wandering in (as you do!)
The store reminded me of a club, all flashing multicolour lights, and loud music.  I perused the packed (to the rafters) stands and chose two items, one of which was this mascara.
What caught my eye about this mascara was the wand, it reminded me of one of my favourite Lancome mascaras that has the same wand.  A pointed wand that enables you to get right into the smallest of lashes, to coat each one with the black pigment.

The fact that this mascara offered a pro-lash complex which provides your lashes with a increased lash diameter after 30 days of use - didn't grab my attention, it was the conical wand only.

As my first visit to a KIKO MILANO store I had high hopes, their ranges are displayed well, but the lighting means that you can't see the pigment of the eye-shadows properly, or foundations for that matter!  I found myself wandering around the store looking for some glimmer of natural daylight, to enable me to gauge whether or not the colours of the various products were going to suit my complexion.

Topped with the fact that the security guard had a go at me for taking a photo of the store on my phone, to be honest I WAS going to leave empty handed, but I thought for the benefit of my readers (and for my own curiosity) I would purchase this mascara and one eye-shadow.
The packaging of the Volumeyes+ is very classic and easy to hold in your hand, the brush is amazing, just as I thought it would be.

Here's the description taken from KIKO's website -

"Active mascara with  volumizing effect. A new dimension for the eyelashes. Thicker lashes, day after day.
This innovative formula is enhanced with K2 Prolash Complex, a combination of active and clinically proven ingredients, offering surprising results. After 30 days of use, tested results show that eyelashes' average diameter increases more than 21 times when compared to traditional mascara.
The perfect coupling of formula and brush ensures intense volume with a dramatically curvaceous finish. The conical-shaped hollow fiber brush--designed exclusively for KIKO--distributes mascara evenly to reach even the smallest lashes at the corners of the eyes.
Easy to apply and effortlessly adapts to lashes. A creamy and supple texture that envelops and emphasizes lashes with a glossy, black finish."
Results taken from KIKO's website -
"Volume-boosting, fanned-out panoramic effect for thicker lashes and deeply intense eyes.
Enhances and draws attention to lashes, adding curves and definition thanks to its smooth texture that leaves no residue during application. The lashes' roots are intensified, lending eyes greater depth while ends are separated and not weighed down.
The texture ensures that the product does not dry on the lashes or crumble throughout the day"
Below are my lashes with one coat of the Volumeyes+, on both top, and bottom lashes.

An even coverage, again - I think because of the conical wand!
And below is with 2 -3 coats
Again, great coverage.

The pigment of the mascara is a great black shade, but I have experienced better!
The issues I have with this mascara are -
+ The conical wand as first thought is a pleasure to use

+ I have had to apply around 4-5 coats of this mascara every morning, to get a full and even coverage, its as if the formulation doesn't want to adhere to my lashes!

+ My lashes do not feel any more dense since using this mascara for over two months, they don't feel any longer or in any better condition than they were before.

+ I find that sometimes, the formulation sticks to some lashes, but not others meaning that one eye always looks as if it has clumped lashes, whilst the other doesn't

+ I found the mascara to flake consistently throughout the day

To be honest with you I am trying to use this mascara up!  It does coat my lashes, but it's just not worth the money.

I think that KIKO has been hyped up quite a bit, and yes the packaging is OK, for a non - expensive brand, but other than that I don't see what the fuss is about?

Now I am a mascara snob, don't get my wrong I have tried A LOT of mascaras in my time, but this one isn't worth the £7.90 price tag, and I have used better mascaras from Collection and Max Factor.

Save your money, and the distress of trying to look at the products properly in the awful lighting in the KIKO stores, and grab something from the drugstore!

The eye-shadow that I purchased is beautifully packaged, but not one of my favourites, again I felt as though things with KIKO are too hyped, and I just don't get it!

Have you tried anything from KIKO MILANO before?  

(The above are my honest views, on a product that I have purchased with my hard earned money - for the benefit of my readers)

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  1. Such a shame! We've been meaning to try Kiko for a while, but will think twice after that review. Your eye lashes are looking pretty good though ;) xx

    1. Thanks girls! Yeah my lashes look OK, but the mascara is definitely not worth the money. You might have better luck with the brand though! xx

  2. I've tried that mascara a while ago! I don't think it's a bad mascara but there way better mascaras for similar prices! I agree with you in most of it! Xx

    1. Thanks for the comment Rita, I really appreciate it. Yep lets hope we can find one mascara that tops all of the bad ones xx


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