Thursday 29 January 2015

Yves Rocher - Pampering Treats

Yves Rocher is France's no. 1 selling make-up and skincare brand,  and it is sold in 88 countries worldwide, being used by 30 million women every day. 

The brand's speciality is providing affordable, all-natural beauty products that use specially-grown botanical properties. 
I have used the brand before, but many moons ago!
When I was approached to try four products from the range, I jumped at the chance.  And I couldn't be happier than with what was sent.
I've entitled this post 'Pampering Treats' because that is exactly what they are!
Four products that offer a range of benefits, and that are beautifully packaged.
First up is the beautifully packaged (in a kilner jar-style pot) -  the Silky Cream - Nourishing and deliciously perfumed with organic oats, this melt-in body cream brings incomparable suppleness and softness to the skin, veiling it with lusciousness.

It sinks into my dry skin effortlessly, leaving a comforting scent. For £9.45 for a 200ml jar it will last a long time too 'Here'
It's light weight and a joy to use and is part of the Les Plaisirs Nature range 'Here'
Another cute packaged wonder is the pleasure of a fizzy bath with luscious coconut bath cube.
This fizzy bath cube dissolves in water into a multitude of tiny perfumed bubbles, that burst on your skin. Your bath smells wonderful, you melt with pleasure... 

This little thing is a wonder, I love the scent of coconut so this is well up my street, and to be honest I was sad to see it dissolve away! The fizzy bath cube is also a little bargain at £1.50 for 15g 'Here
Next up the Long Lasting Moisturising Hand Cream Just like your face, your hands are highly exposed. Protect them by moisturising them all year long. This daily moisturising cream also has a long-lasting effect!
Paraben free, and with a slight scent to it, this hand cream is moisturising and long lasting.  It has a light weight formulation that sinks quickly into the skin.  For £1.95 for 75ml it's also a great price and could easily become my new hand bag staple! 'Here'
Lastly is a little miracle in a tube. the Anti - fatigue Iced Gel.  Containing organic lavender which instantly soothes heavy-feeling legs and feet.
- Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet
- And refreshing peppermint essential oil.
 For someone who suffers with tired aching legs a lot, this gel is a miracle worker.  Not only is it refreshing, is soothes and calms my muscles and my mind for that matter!

I have used a product by Clarins that does the same thing, but I'm not even sure if they sell that product any more.  This tube is a god send, truly! For £2.50 for 50ml it won't break the bank either, 'Here'
So what do you think of these little marvels from Yves Rocher?

I think I have found a new website that I will be purchasing lots of items from! (my poor debit card)

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  1. I love Yves Rocher, I've been using the brands product since I was a kid! Lately I bought their BB Cream, really good!



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