Monday 3 November 2014

Cloud Nine Magical Duet - Review

I love trialling new hair care products, so when the opportunity struck for me to work with the brand Cloud Nine I jumped at the chance!

I was lucky enough to be sent the Cloud Nine Magical Duet Set - RRP £16.90 - 'Here' 

It's guaranteed to leave your locks looking super smooth and shiny, the Cloud Nine Magical Duet Set is a must-have hair set.  (If you search for the magical potion on Google the reviews are wonderful)

Containing the much-loved Magical Potion - a quick-dry, conditioning formula specifically formulated to reduce drying times by an average of 50% and the brand new Magical Remedy - a multi-tasking formula that delivers colour, UV, damage and heat protection, it really is a winning combination.

The packaging and products are really stylish, and the thought of cutting down drying time with my flyaway hair, appealed to me immediately!

About Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine is on a mission to help women understand their hair and its individual care needs.
Once you know your type, you can lavish it with tailored treatment and kinder styling for healthier, happier hair.

You can take hair type test 'Here'

The Magical Potion: allows you to Speed up blow-drying times for altogether kinder styling with this formula. 

A mix of conditioners alongside a UV filter help to protect against extreme heat and reducing drying times. The perfect companion to leave locks smooth and silky.
You shake the bio phase formula together, and then spray onto your hair.

(as you can see in the photo above I have used both these products tons, and for a long period of time to be able to review them properly for you)
Magical Remedy: (the product on the left) Featuring a unique Overcast shielding complex - a combination of wheat germ oil, UV protective Sunflower Oil and Yarrow Root Extract, the Magical Remedy balances and repairs the hair, infusing each strand with nutrients to provide instantly visible results.

Further ingredients of Palamarosa Oil to strengthen, hydrate and help the hair cuticle retain essential moisture, maintaining optimum balance levels and kpangnan butter a rich emollient that replenishes depleted lipids, transforms the health of hair.

The quick-absorb formula, which won’t weigh hair down or create build-up, promises to leave hair smooth, silky and frizz free, as well as providing protection against heat and sun damage. What's more, the Magical Remedy also delivers lasting hydration - reducing split ends and breakage for radiant, shiny strands!

Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair as a leave-in conditioner or leave in shampooed strands for 1-2 minutes to provide light conditioning, detangling and damage repair. Alternatively, leave-in for 15 minutes before rinsing for an intensive repair treatment

Out of both products my favourite was the Magical remedy, I adored the thick cream consistency, and the way it made my mid lengths, and ends of my hair feel..  

Once applied it sinks into your hair, leaving it soft and smooth and hydrated.  

I adored the versatility of the Magical remedy!

The Bio phase quick dry potion although it smelt lovely I didn't see a difference in drying time for my hair.  

Its a great multi-tasking product, with UV filters to protect your hair from styling damage and sun damage, but I didn't notice my hair drying faster.  But that's on my fine, flyaway hair. For someone with thicker, more unruly hair they may find drying time quicker.  
This is just my opinion on the product, as always!

All in all, as my first two products to try from the Cloud Nine range, I found both products a joy to use. 

I am definitely going to purchase the full size version of the Magical remedy as I found this product a god send!

I think this kit for £16.90 would make a fab gift for Christmas, for any haircare lover.

Have you tried anything from Cloud Nine range before?   

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