Wednesday 29 October 2014

Blondedge - Fashion Collboration

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Amy and Gina from a brand called Blondedge.
They sell a mixture of vintage pieces, plus presenting the best of Primark online, which you can have delivered directly to your door! How cool is that?  No more queuing, elbow tackles or your size being out of stock in a Primark store.  

Instead with Blondedge you get the pick of the Primark bunch available at a click of a button! (from the comfort of your own home)

I took a look at the site, and I fell in love with the brand and the mix of vintage pieces and of course Primark pieces that you can mix and match from.

The girls at Blondedge wanted to send me something that I could put together in a look-book to promote the brand to you lovely lot.  I jumped at the chance to collaborate with them!

About the Brand
At Blondedge we adore Primark. We love nothing more than a few fun-filled hours frolicking through their amazing retail theatre in search of our next favourite. You know, that special cardi that you can wear out of the shop and don’t take off for five days while everyone asks “where did you get it?”…and you say ‘Oh Primark’ with a Cheshire cat grin.
Our other love is vintage, we have so much fun rummaging around thrift shops, our mothers closets! Anywhere we can find that something special that we can breathe new life into. Sometimes we have to raise a hem line, replace buttons to make it our own but it’s always worth it.
However, with so many of our friends and family asking us to pick them up ‘one of those nice fluffy cardi’s next time you’re down in Primark’ or did we see any vintage pieces that they could mix and match we decided ‘#hangonaminute there are probably loads of fashion felines that would love the same service we are providing our nearest and dearest’… and so Blondedge was born out of our love for Primark & vintage and our strident belief that Primark should be available to not only the lucky few who live near one of their fabulous stores but also online and delivered directly to your door.
Blondedge is an online fashion retailer that takes the crème de la crème of Primark’s high street offering plus our treasure trove of vintage direct to the uber-confident, digital aged, fast-paced girls. Our mission is to provide the pick of the bunch online, giving everyone unrivalled access to the most up-to-date, curated fashion pieces.
Fashion-forward, affordable style, 24/7, for everyone.

To showcase the amazing range of Primark goodness on offer through Blondedge, I chose a beautiful new with tags sea blue Boucle coat in a size 14 - anything from the Primark range can be delivered with free worldwide shipping too, which is amazing if you live a in a country that doesn't have Primark stores available to you.  

This coat is £55.00 'Here' the colour of this coat drew me in straight away, I adore the gold zip detailing, and it's easy style with no collar to worry about. 
I am not a model, and this is the first time I have done any sort of fashion post or fashion collaboration so it has been a complete learning curve for me, and I have enjoyed it.  But posing in front of a camera is weird, so I hope the photos below do the gorgeous coat and Blondedge justice!

I adore this coat, the gorgeous cheery blue colour, and teddy bear-esque fabric.  I think I made a fab choice.  Everyone keeps commenting on the coat and asking me where its from!
(Excuse the posing in the photos above, talk above cheese fest! LOL!)
I teamed the coat with a H&M jumper which I have had for a while that says 'Tres Jolie', and I like the relaxed style with the bright blue of the coat.
I also paired the coat with plain black leggings from River Island that I have had for years, and a pair of flat riding boots which I bought from a local shoe store in Surrey.
All in all, the look is relaxed with the pop of colour on the coat being the main feature.  
I also teamed my nails too - I tried for as close to the colour of the coat as I could, and I went with a new Maybelline Super Stay 7 day gel nail colour in the shade 635 'Surreal' which I adore.
So here's the gorgeous Primark coat in all its blue glory - do you love the colour as much as me?

I always get fed up of seeing people in dark colours in the winter - its always black and grey so I thought a pop of blue will make any outfit stand out and it will always make me happy to wear this gorgeous shade!

So what do you think of Blondedge?  Will this be your new Primark clothing destination?  

I think I have found my new fashion Mecca and I'm not afraid to admit it!

The team at Blondedge have kindly given my readers a coupon code which will be 20% of a purchase. The code is: pinkchickclaire so what are you waiting for? go spend!

Thanks to the team at Blonddge for packaging up my coat up so beautifully, and for letting me review such a gorgeous coat for them.

I wish you all the success with your fabulous site. xx
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  1. I love that first pic of you! You seem to have so much fun! Your coat has such a stunning colour! Wow!

    1. Hey my lovely. Aww thanks for the great feedback. It was fun, but I'm definitely not a model LOL! xx

  2. Royal blue looks so good on you!

    1. Hi Julia,

      Thanks for the lovely comment - I would of followed your blog back but the link to it doesn't work? xx

  3. Oh that's a very nice coat. Combines all the current trends: teddy bear fabric, collarless AND blue. Good choice xx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

    1. Hi Caz,

      Thanks for the great comment! I have followed you back on bloglovin' xx


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