Friday 7 November 2014

She Wears Kipling - Collaboration

I simply adore Kipling bags, and I have done since I was little!  
Their bags are well made, quirky and timeless, and I have quite a few bags, make-up bags, and weekend bags in my collection.

Whenever I pull one of my Kipling bags out, I ALWAYS get comments on the design, or the organisation inside each bag.  

When an opportunity arose to promote a bag from their new Fall and Winter sparkling collection I was honoured to take part! 

I hope my photos do the brand and the range justice and that I hope to become a #SheWearsKipling IMAGINISTA!  And work with this amazing company some more.

As an avid QVC viewer I know quite a bit about the ranges and different prints, but the new sparkling collection had me intrigued.  I hadn't a clue what I would be sent, I was just incredibly grateful to receive anything from a brand that I love.

When the postman came the day my Kipling parcel arrived I literally ripped his hand off to look inside the package.

I wasn't disappointed - the bag that I was sent was the 'NEW ABELA SN' Small Shoulder Bag
in the shade 'Black metal' a gorgeous gun-  metal grey, and black mixed bag and for £65.00 it's a great price range too.

New Abela SN Small Shoulder Bag (Across Body) by Kipling.
"With a chic and shiny design, the Abela is a stylish all-day companion in a size that's just right. The shoulder strap is extra long for versatility and easy-access pockets help you stay ahead of your schedule."
Anything with the initials 'SN' are part of the Fall and Winter sparkling collection which you can find 'Here'
Adjustable shoulder strap (65cm - 140.5cm)
Zipped main compartment contains:
Zipped pocket
Pen loop
Slip pockets
Clipped key chord
Kipling key ring
The metal monkey is a nice touch, it blends in with the bag and is a smarter alternative to the usual plush monkeys from Kipling.
The two outer pockets enable you to access your Oyster card should you need it, and your phone too.
The bag is big enough for all your essentials - mobile, make-up. keys, notebook, camera the list goes on.
I filled it up with the contents of my handbag - the only thing that wouldn't fit in it were my Ipad, and my glasses case.  But who needs those things on a daily basis?  Plus keeping to a smaller bag means less carrying around heavy items and makes it easier on your back / shoulder and neck, something which I am fully aware of.
I adore the Kipling zips, they are so hard wearing and well made.
In the years of buying Kipling bags, I have never had an issue.
So this little wonder of handbag has been out and about with me shopping and to events and I simply adore it.
The bag would make a great travel companion of you are thinking of booking any long weekend trips  away next year, and it can carry a small compact camera should you need it!
Have you bought any bags from Kipling before?  What's you favourite?
Thanks to the team at Kipling for allowing me to review the bag for my lovely readers!

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  1. I also like Kipling purses! They are very different compared to others. I love the colors because they are usually very colorful. Great post Claire!! :D
    Also, I nominated you for a Sisterhood of the world blogger award! Here is the link! :D …

    1. Hi Tania, Thanks so much for the nomination. I shall try to do a reply for you. Thanks for the lovely comment xx


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