Wednesday 20 June 2012

Interactive with Sprinkle of Glitter - My 7 things I aim to achieve in 2 months / end of 2012

Hey guys,

The fantabulous Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter wrote an amazeballs blog post about Here about 7 things for 7 days.

This is where Louise sets herself weekly goals in a bid to motivate herself into achieving things she wants to do.

I really like this idea - being a fellow list maker fanatic and mad planner of all things girly - who wouldn't take the opportunity to share my goals with you all and see if you can keep me motivated to achieve these!

In my case I am going to try and achieve these things in the next 2 months, and see how I get on. 

I can then update you all on my progress and we can then share our similar goals, and motivate each other!

So keep a look out for a follow up blog post to this one at the end of August, and lets hope these 7 things get ticked off of my list. (probably by the end of the year is more realistic)

So my 7 things I want to achieve in two months / end of 2012 are -

Relax - I have had a stressfull time moving house, getting things out of storage and unpacking boxes so I plan to pamper myself a bit - get my hair cut, have a back and shoulder massage, have a mani / pedi, I might even take a look at Groupon and see what deals they have. Either way I am ensuring that things are not going to get me down since the move and try and have some 'me' time.

Organise -  You know what its like when you move and the old 'can't be bothered so lets hide it' scenario happens?  Your fed up of seeing boxes and can't see the wood for the trees so you end up shoving stuff places so you don't have to look at it?  This is my problem!! I have a garden shed full of stuff for recycling, I have paperwork in the loft, and in my room - I need to sort, de-clutter and organise. 
I think it will clear my head having a sort out and make finding things so much easier.

Ebay - My gosh I have a lot of cosmetics, and clothes more then I realised! and yes there's a box of both of these in the loft awaiting a sort through.  So these are going to be sorted, the used cosmetics thrown out and the rest that's new and unopened along with the new clothes, the other microwave, and a stupid amount of jewellery I will never wear are going to sorted, photographed and the world of eBay can have them! 
(My eBay seller name is pinkchickclaire so please take a look when you can)

Save - My aim this year and the next is to save.  Now I am moved and settled and know my outgoings better I want to start having a little pot of money ready for a rainy day / or emergency.  I also want to save for an IMac for blogging as well as a Canon SLR camera.  Then I shall be all sorted for more funny Youtube videos on my blog and channel and get to meet more of you lovely lot!! 
If I can save £150 a month and put it away, then I reckon in 6 months I shall have £900 and can decide if I want to add money to it to get the IMac or buy the camera first - here's hoping!!

Photography course - Of course once my camera is purchased I would love to go on a photography course.  A good friend of mine has recently been on a fab one she found on Groupon and she has loved it.  So I think this will be a good idea for me too.  I love photography, although I know little about settings, macros and the like, but I am willing to learn and explore.  If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I use my Iphone to take tons of pictures, so why not invest the money and take this up as a hobby?
(My Instagram name is also pinkchickclaire)

Paris - For years I have loved everything French, and my first love is Paris. 
My parents have been, in fact they won a competition on This Morning many many moons ago and had an all expenses paid - long weekend there!  My parent have always said how I would love it in Paris but alas I have only ever been to Calais and the hyper markets. 
I am crazy about French skincare so my plan is to save (that word again) and do it properly - stay for 4 days or so, go on the Eurostar, see all the touristy parts and mainly shop in the French Pharmacies, and get lost in Sephora!!  I have read Lisa Eldridge's blog for years about her travels in France - in fact she lived there for a while so she knows her stuff!  I won't be able to do this trip until next year at least, but in the mean time it's a goal and I plan to use my other Moleskin notebook to make a "Paris places I want to go list" so when we do eventually get to the stage of going - I have my little notebook and my buddy and I can go to the places I have found. 
Here's hoping this happens, it's not the furthest place to go on holiday but to me it would be a dream come true!

and lastly....

Friends - A simple aim, but I have some truly wonderful friends that have seen me through the worst 2 years of my little life. 
Now I have moved, Leigh and I would love to have a house warming party or BBQ! 
Discussions have even been about having an Anne Summers party or just a BBQ in our garden and some Butlers in the Buff! LOL!!!  Either way we aim to celebrate our new home and our lovely neighbours and great friends and ask them to celebrate with us. 
We can have dinner parties now, have people to stay over - the world truly is our oyster. 
I am so lucky to have great friends, and especially Leigh because I have known him for years and there isn't anyone else I'd rather live with.  He's like my brother from another mother LOL!

Thanks for reading my huge list of 7 things I aim to achieve, and I hope you check out Sprinkle of Glitters blog post about this and keep me updated on your 7 goals posts so please do put these in the comments below section.

Have a great day!




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