Monday 25 June 2012

Amitee / Pamper Secrets Beauty Box Review May 2012


I received the cutesy Amitee / Pamper Secrets box for May 2012 - and with this edition of the box it was all centred around the bridal season. 

I like the card that comes with these boxes shown above - which always include lovely quotes themed around each box.

Most of the  beauty companies listed on the back of the contents card, I have never heard of before these were - Botanicals, Twisted Sista, Paul Penders and Alva.
All of the contents intrigued me especially the bottle of Jasmine shampoo that you can see above, a nicely sized bottle of my favourite Jasmine sent.

Now I haven't used any of these products yet (as you know I have just moved and I don't want to open new bottles of products when I have things to finish up) but this doesn't matter for the purpose of being nosey
(I do it too) its good to get an idea on contents of different beauty boxes.

The Contents -
Botanicals Chamomile Facial Serum 5g £2.30 - an intensive skin plumping serum to help fight free radicals.  An interesting serum and consistency but the smell of this has put me of on first appearances!

Alva Skin Oil 15ml £5.15 - Relaxing skin oil for intensive care of stressed skin. 
This contains Vitamin E, and can be used after sunbathing.  I am dying to try this product the smell is really floral and I can imagine it hydrating my dry skin once you step out of the shower.

Alva stressed hand cream 18ml £2.10 - the ultimate working hands cream for cuticles too.  The smell of this is very medicinal with hints of grapefruit and really sinks into my dry hands.

Eldora lashes in number H105 (no price listed) - beautiful quality lashes, but not something I use everyday. 
Nice to see them in the box for a special occasion.

Paul Penders Jasmine Shampoo - 60ml £4.95 Time release shampoo, containing Olive oil as a cleansing agent. 
Beautiful smell to this and the brand is from USA so I cannot wait to try it out.

I really enjoyed this May edition of the Amitee / Pamper Secrets box - it has very unusual brands contained, and it was nice to see no make up items apart from the lashes included. 

To be honest I think this box is better than the Glossy Box anniversary edition! 

Amitee / Pamper secrets are a small company that pride themselves on catering to all needs and ethnicity's.   

You can find they're website by clicking Here the boxes are £10.00 a month plus postage and packing.

Please be aware that this beauty box is by invitation only.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Any other beauty boxes you think I should sign up too?

Hugs as always




  1. I wasn't impressed with this box - I hate false lashes! I got slightly different items to you x

  2. Check out JewelBox! :)


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