Thursday 14 June 2012

August 2012 Magazine Freebies to look out for in - Instyle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Elle

Hey guys, So here's my popular You tube video all about the freebies in UK magazines for the month of August.

I looked at the stats on my You tube channel, and this was by far the most clicked / viewed video, so I thought I would tell you all about the next batch of freebies in the July issues of magazines (the actual issue month will be August though, as magazines always run a month infront so keep this in mind)

I do love my magazines, and find them to be the best source of escapism for me at the moment, I cannot wait till the sun starts shining and I can sit in my new little garden enjoying reading these whilst listening to the birds singing. Bliss!

So here's the July issues of magazines with the adverts for the freebies in the next August issue.

Instyle Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.80

Offered in the August issue of Insyle out on 5th July -

Free Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara worth £7.00 for every reader

Free Shisiedo The skincare extra gentle cleansing foam worth £7.00 for every reader

Plus 20% off Elemis products at and also 10% off at 

Instyle definitely has the edge when it comes to the freebies in the magazines I have listed for you, a Giorgio Armani freebie sounds good to me!

Elle Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.90

Offered in the August issue of Elle Magazine out on 4th July -

Free Catwalk supplement - your guide to the new season - the shows, the pieces and the trends.

Free with every issue - St. Tropez Gradual tan everyday body moisturiser in either light / medium or Medium / Dark 

St Tropez is a fab brand so to have this to use in this rubbish English summer will perk my skin right up.

Cosmopolitan Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.50

Offered in the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine out on 5th July -

3 fab colours of Miss Guided nail varnishes - in either yellow, orange or pink 
I am not too sure on how much these retail at individually as it wasn't listed in the magazine but any nail varnish to add to my collection is good for me!

Marie Claire Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.70

Offered in the August 2012 edition of Marie Claire out on 5th July

Free Avon Mascara in a choice of - 

Super Curlacious mascara or 
Super Shock Max Mascara or 
Super Extend Extreme Mascara 
each are worth up to £10.00 each.  

I haven't tried any Avon products since I was a rep, many years ago.  I know that Avon mascaras and eyeliners have great reviews on Pixiwoo's channel.

Glamour Magazine July 2012 Edition £2.00

Offered in the August 2012 edition of Glamour Magazine out on 5th July

Free Balance Me products - with a choice of 4 these are -

Balancing Face Moisturiser 20ml worth £11

Wonder Eye Cream 7ml worth £11

Pure Skin Face Wash 50ml worth £11

Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve 10ml worth £12

I have never tried any of the Balance Me products and the Rose Otto lip salve sounds great. 

Thanks for reading / watching and don't forget to leave me comments!

I shall see you with another video once these issues have come out and I have stocked up on all the great products, there's nothing better than freebie choice LOL!

Hugs as always 





  1. I'll definitely be picking up Elle! I've booked my Armani makeover as featured in InStyle x

  2. Hey hun, that's great news! Let me know what you think of the freebie. :-)

  3. Wow! It's going to be a great month for freebies! Bring it on!

  4. Hi there, what a fab blog, def buying Instyle and Glamour this month, cant wait for 5/7
    Jaci x

  5. Hi Jaci, Thanks for your comment! Yep a great month for freebies in magazines, I shall try and see if there is anything else free in the August issues! :-)


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