Saturday 9 June 2012

Glossybox May 2012 Anniversary Edition Review

Hey guys, A late review I know about the May 2012 Anniversary Glossy box.

I awaited with bated breath for this box, I made sure I didn't check out any other bloggers reviews on the box before I received mine, and in a way I am pleased I didn't!

The packaging for the anniversary box was pretty, but the contents REALLY let it down!

The contents - my first impression was what a let down! (very unusual for me as you all know I do love Glossy Box)

Noble Isle Bath and shower gel - smells nice and is a travel size but that's it really and is nothing special, the only bonus is that I have never heard of the brand before so I am keen to try this at some point.

Lolita Lempicka perfume samples here and below - not really fussed by perfume samples to be honest, you can pick these up for free from any perfume counter so this really let the box down in my opinion.

Weleda Iris sample - My issue with this item is that it has no instructions in the box in English so you do not know how you can use it let alone the ingredients listings?  Why put this in the box?  Its foreign and hard to work out how to use and I don't see why I should have to look online on how to use this?

Glossy Box mirror - cute idea but not something with the wow factor for me

Glossy Box balloon - the idea was to take a photo of you blowing up the balloon and send it to Glossy Box cute idea but personally my issue with this item is that I cannot blow up balloons myself and I didn't think there was much of a point of including it in the box, maybe a better idea would be a sweetie or chocolate instead?

UniqueOne Hair product - I don't like the packaging of this product so not bothered by it really, I find packaging can really change your opinion on a product and this packaging seemed cheap and not the quality from Glossy Box you expect.

Lets Go lashes - again I am not bothered about this product - I have enough lashes from other beauty boxes and I just thought that this was the same as all the rest nothing really anniversary like at all

I hope you do not find this post a moany one - but I just expected more from Glossy Box for they're anniversary box.  I mean this is the beauty box company which bought the Carmine beauty box company (which I quite liked) and then came up with the amazing Harrods beauty box and the fantastic Valentines day boxes but this box for an anniversary box just isn't up to the usual standard.  There were no outstanding products in the box, nothing to give you the wow factor.

I have received an email informing me that the new box for June 2012 is on its way and I think I shall see if this box improves from the last one and if it doesn't then I shall be cancelling my subscription.  I truly am disappointed with this months box and as you all know I do love Glossy Box but this box has made me rethink things a little more, maybe there is another beauty box brand better then Glossy Box??

Please let me know if you think the same as me with this June box and leave me comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I completely agree about the birthday box. I was so looking forward to it after the Harrods and the Natural themed boxes but I just found it quite boring if I'm being honest. It actually made the decision for me to cancel my subscription and give She Said Beauty a go. I'm sure next month's will now be amazing and I'll be kicking myself though! Lol

  2. Hey Hailie, yep totally disappointed with this box was expecting so much more! Keep me posted on she said beauty. I might give them a go instead! Change is good.

    Thanks for your moment :-)

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  4. OMg, you subscribed to so many great boxes, I'm super jealous;-)))

  5. I like your review of Glossybox. I received a sample of petiteBox (sister company) and did enjoy it, but was more interested in the Glossybox. Maybe not something I would be interested after all. Thank you for the honest review.


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