Friday, 29 June 2012

Ciate Nail Polish Review - Free with the July edition of Marie Claire Magazine

The lovely people at Marie Claire decided to include three different nail polishes for you to try in the current July 2012 edition priced at £3.70

 Each Ciate nail polish retails at £9 so this was well worth a purchase in my eyes! 

There are 3 colours to choose from so if you like the colour I chose - which is Purple Sherbet then its well worth a look at the other two colours which are hot pink (called Jelly Bean) and a taupe colour (called Bon Bon)

Pretty Packaging

How the colour looks on the nail

I chose the Purple Sherbert shade because I found myself incredibly disappointed by the Nails Inc polish I received with the second to last copy of Instyle magazine. I thought I would give Ciate a trial run! 

The colours are of similar pastel shade to the Nails Inc polish and with pastel being so in for the summer 2012 season it was win win for me.

The bottle of polish is pretty, and the shape of the base of the polish is ergonomically designed meaning that it is easier to hold in your hand whilst painting your nails.  The brush is thick and coats the colour on well but it took me three coats for the shade to look true to the bottle colour and this meant that the polish only lasted on my fingers for 4 days and then started to chip.

Like everyone else I am dying to try the Caviar manicure sets but they are always out of stock, but this polish was nice but not worth the £9 price tag if I had bought it myself.

There are better polishes out there, and form didn't over way function in this instance. 

Thanks Marie Claire for the freebie - I'm pleased I never paid £11.11 (the price of 3 magazines) to buy all 3 shades!

Have you bought any of the Ciate range?  what did you think of the nail polish itself?

Best wishes




Monday, 25 June 2012

Amitee / Pamper Secrets Beauty Box Review May 2012


I received the cutesy Amitee / Pamper Secrets box for May 2012 - and with this edition of the box it was all centred around the bridal season. 

I like the card that comes with these boxes shown above - which always include lovely quotes themed around each box.

Most of the  beauty companies listed on the back of the contents card, I have never heard of before these were - Botanicals, Twisted Sista, Paul Penders and Alva.
All of the contents intrigued me especially the bottle of Jasmine shampoo that you can see above, a nicely sized bottle of my favourite Jasmine sent.

Now I haven't used any of these products yet (as you know I have just moved and I don't want to open new bottles of products when I have things to finish up) but this doesn't matter for the purpose of being nosey
(I do it too) its good to get an idea on contents of different beauty boxes.

The Contents -
Botanicals Chamomile Facial Serum 5g £2.30 - an intensive skin plumping serum to help fight free radicals.  An interesting serum and consistency but the smell of this has put me of on first appearances!

Alva Skin Oil 15ml £5.15 - Relaxing skin oil for intensive care of stressed skin. 
This contains Vitamin E, and can be used after sunbathing.  I am dying to try this product the smell is really floral and I can imagine it hydrating my dry skin once you step out of the shower.

Alva stressed hand cream 18ml £2.10 - the ultimate working hands cream for cuticles too.  The smell of this is very medicinal with hints of grapefruit and really sinks into my dry hands.

Eldora lashes in number H105 (no price listed) - beautiful quality lashes, but not something I use everyday. 
Nice to see them in the box for a special occasion.

Paul Penders Jasmine Shampoo - 60ml £4.95 Time release shampoo, containing Olive oil as a cleansing agent. 
Beautiful smell to this and the brand is from USA so I cannot wait to try it out.

I really enjoyed this May edition of the Amitee / Pamper Secrets box - it has very unusual brands contained, and it was nice to see no make up items apart from the lashes included. 

To be honest I think this box is better than the Glossy Box anniversary edition! 

Amitee / Pamper secrets are a small company that pride themselves on catering to all needs and ethnicity's.   

You can find they're website by clicking Here the boxes are £10.00 a month plus postage and packing.

Please be aware that this beauty box is by invitation only.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Any other beauty boxes you think I should sign up too?

Hugs as always



Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Interactive with Sprinkle of Glitter - My 7 things I aim to achieve in 2 months / end of 2012

Hey guys,

The fantabulous Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter wrote an amazeballs blog post about Here about 7 things for 7 days.

This is where Louise sets herself weekly goals in a bid to motivate herself into achieving things she wants to do.

I really like this idea - being a fellow list maker fanatic and mad planner of all things girly - who wouldn't take the opportunity to share my goals with you all and see if you can keep me motivated to achieve these!

In my case I am going to try and achieve these things in the next 2 months, and see how I get on. 

I can then update you all on my progress and we can then share our similar goals, and motivate each other!

So keep a look out for a follow up blog post to this one at the end of August, and lets hope these 7 things get ticked off of my list. (probably by the end of the year is more realistic)

So my 7 things I want to achieve in two months / end of 2012 are -

Relax - I have had a stressfull time moving house, getting things out of storage and unpacking boxes so I plan to pamper myself a bit - get my hair cut, have a back and shoulder massage, have a mani / pedi, I might even take a look at Groupon and see what deals they have. Either way I am ensuring that things are not going to get me down since the move and try and have some 'me' time.

Organise -  You know what its like when you move and the old 'can't be bothered so lets hide it' scenario happens?  Your fed up of seeing boxes and can't see the wood for the trees so you end up shoving stuff places so you don't have to look at it?  This is my problem!! I have a garden shed full of stuff for recycling, I have paperwork in the loft, and in my room - I need to sort, de-clutter and organise. 
I think it will clear my head having a sort out and make finding things so much easier.

Ebay - My gosh I have a lot of cosmetics, and clothes more then I realised! and yes there's a box of both of these in the loft awaiting a sort through.  So these are going to be sorted, the used cosmetics thrown out and the rest that's new and unopened along with the new clothes, the other microwave, and a stupid amount of jewellery I will never wear are going to sorted, photographed and the world of eBay can have them! 
(My eBay seller name is pinkchickclaire so please take a look when you can)

Save - My aim this year and the next is to save.  Now I am moved and settled and know my outgoings better I want to start having a little pot of money ready for a rainy day / or emergency.  I also want to save for an IMac for blogging as well as a Canon SLR camera.  Then I shall be all sorted for more funny Youtube videos on my blog and channel and get to meet more of you lovely lot!! 
If I can save £150 a month and put it away, then I reckon in 6 months I shall have £900 and can decide if I want to add money to it to get the IMac or buy the camera first - here's hoping!!

Photography course - Of course once my camera is purchased I would love to go on a photography course.  A good friend of mine has recently been on a fab one she found on Groupon and she has loved it.  So I think this will be a good idea for me too.  I love photography, although I know little about settings, macros and the like, but I am willing to learn and explore.  If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I use my Iphone to take tons of pictures, so why not invest the money and take this up as a hobby?
(My Instagram name is also pinkchickclaire)

Paris - For years I have loved everything French, and my first love is Paris. 
My parents have been, in fact they won a competition on This Morning many many moons ago and had an all expenses paid - long weekend there!  My parent have always said how I would love it in Paris but alas I have only ever been to Calais and the hyper markets. 
I am crazy about French skincare so my plan is to save (that word again) and do it properly - stay for 4 days or so, go on the Eurostar, see all the touristy parts and mainly shop in the French Pharmacies, and get lost in Sephora!!  I have read Lisa Eldridge's blog for years about her travels in France - in fact she lived there for a while so she knows her stuff!  I won't be able to do this trip until next year at least, but in the mean time it's a goal and I plan to use my other Moleskin notebook to make a "Paris places I want to go list" so when we do eventually get to the stage of going - I have my little notebook and my buddy and I can go to the places I have found. 
Here's hoping this happens, it's not the furthest place to go on holiday but to me it would be a dream come true!

and lastly....

Friends - A simple aim, but I have some truly wonderful friends that have seen me through the worst 2 years of my little life. 
Now I have moved, Leigh and I would love to have a house warming party or BBQ! 
Discussions have even been about having an Anne Summers party or just a BBQ in our garden and some Butlers in the Buff! LOL!!!  Either way we aim to celebrate our new home and our lovely neighbours and great friends and ask them to celebrate with us. 
We can have dinner parties now, have people to stay over - the world truly is our oyster. 
I am so lucky to have great friends, and especially Leigh because I have known him for years and there isn't anyone else I'd rather live with.  He's like my brother from another mother LOL!

Thanks for reading my huge list of 7 things I aim to achieve, and I hope you check out Sprinkle of Glitters blog post about this and keep me updated on your 7 goals posts so please do put these in the comments below section.

Have a great day!




Thursday, 14 June 2012

August 2012 Magazine Freebies to look out for in - Instyle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Elle

Hey guys, So here's my popular You tube video all about the freebies in UK magazines for the month of August.

I looked at the stats on my You tube channel, and this was by far the most clicked / viewed video, so I thought I would tell you all about the next batch of freebies in the July issues of magazines (the actual issue month will be August though, as magazines always run a month infront so keep this in mind)

I do love my magazines, and find them to be the best source of escapism for me at the moment, I cannot wait till the sun starts shining and I can sit in my new little garden enjoying reading these whilst listening to the birds singing. Bliss!

So here's the July issues of magazines with the adverts for the freebies in the next August issue.

Instyle Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.80

Offered in the August issue of Insyle out on 5th July -

Free Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara worth £7.00 for every reader

Free Shisiedo The skincare extra gentle cleansing foam worth £7.00 for every reader

Plus 20% off Elemis products at and also 10% off at 

Instyle definitely has the edge when it comes to the freebies in the magazines I have listed for you, a Giorgio Armani freebie sounds good to me!

Elle Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.90

Offered in the August issue of Elle Magazine out on 4th July -

Free Catwalk supplement - your guide to the new season - the shows, the pieces and the trends.

Free with every issue - St. Tropez Gradual tan everyday body moisturiser in either light / medium or Medium / Dark 

St Tropez is a fab brand so to have this to use in this rubbish English summer will perk my skin right up.

Cosmopolitan Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.50

Offered in the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine out on 5th July -

3 fab colours of Miss Guided nail varnishes - in either yellow, orange or pink 
I am not too sure on how much these retail at individually as it wasn't listed in the magazine but any nail varnish to add to my collection is good for me!

Marie Claire Magazine July 2012 Edition £3.70

Offered in the August 2012 edition of Marie Claire out on 5th July

Free Avon Mascara in a choice of - 

Super Curlacious mascara or 
Super Shock Max Mascara or 
Super Extend Extreme Mascara 
each are worth up to £10.00 each.  

I haven't tried any Avon products since I was a rep, many years ago.  I know that Avon mascaras and eyeliners have great reviews on Pixiwoo's channel.

Glamour Magazine July 2012 Edition £2.00

Offered in the August 2012 edition of Glamour Magazine out on 5th July

Free Balance Me products - with a choice of 4 these are -

Balancing Face Moisturiser 20ml worth £11

Wonder Eye Cream 7ml worth £11

Pure Skin Face Wash 50ml worth £11

Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve 10ml worth £12

I have never tried any of the Balance Me products and the Rose Otto lip salve sounds great. 

Thanks for reading / watching and don't forget to leave me comments!

I shall see you with another video once these issues have come out and I have stocked up on all the great products, there's nothing better than freebie choice LOL!

Hugs as always 




Saturday, 9 June 2012

Glossybox May 2012 Anniversary Edition Review

Hey guys, A late review I know about the May 2012 Anniversary Glossy box.

I awaited with bated breath for this box, I made sure I didn't check out any other bloggers reviews on the box before I received mine, and in a way I am pleased I didn't!

The packaging for the anniversary box was pretty, but the contents REALLY let it down!

The contents - my first impression was what a let down! (very unusual for me as you all know I do love Glossy Box)

Noble Isle Bath and shower gel - smells nice and is a travel size but that's it really and is nothing special, the only bonus is that I have never heard of the brand before so I am keen to try this at some point.

Lolita Lempicka perfume samples here and below - not really fussed by perfume samples to be honest, you can pick these up for free from any perfume counter so this really let the box down in my opinion.

Weleda Iris sample - My issue with this item is that it has no instructions in the box in English so you do not know how you can use it let alone the ingredients listings?  Why put this in the box?  Its foreign and hard to work out how to use and I don't see why I should have to look online on how to use this?

Glossy Box mirror - cute idea but not something with the wow factor for me

Glossy Box balloon - the idea was to take a photo of you blowing up the balloon and send it to Glossy Box cute idea but personally my issue with this item is that I cannot blow up balloons myself and I didn't think there was much of a point of including it in the box, maybe a better idea would be a sweetie or chocolate instead?

UniqueOne Hair product - I don't like the packaging of this product so not bothered by it really, I find packaging can really change your opinion on a product and this packaging seemed cheap and not the quality from Glossy Box you expect.

Lets Go lashes - again I am not bothered about this product - I have enough lashes from other beauty boxes and I just thought that this was the same as all the rest nothing really anniversary like at all

I hope you do not find this post a moany one - but I just expected more from Glossy Box for they're anniversary box.  I mean this is the beauty box company which bought the Carmine beauty box company (which I quite liked) and then came up with the amazing Harrods beauty box and the fantastic Valentines day boxes but this box for an anniversary box just isn't up to the usual standard.  There were no outstanding products in the box, nothing to give you the wow factor.

I have received an email informing me that the new box for June 2012 is on its way and I think I shall see if this box improves from the last one and if it doesn't then I shall be cancelling my subscription.  I truly am disappointed with this months box and as you all know I do love Glossy Box but this box has made me rethink things a little more, maybe there is another beauty box brand better then Glossy Box??

Please let me know if you think the same as me with this June box and leave me comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Best Wishes



Wednesday, 6 June 2012

L'Occitane Instyle Magazine Event 29th May 2012

Hey Guys, Sorry for the late post - but I have now moved home and buried in boxes and finding homes for things!  I hope you are all well?  

I have this post for you plus a late one about the Glossy box I received for May so you can expect that post this week, and don't forget to leave me your comments.  

I hope you have all had a glorious bank holiday Jubilee weekend? I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it all on the TV.

Anyway on to the fabulous L'Occitane Instyle magazine evening which I went to on 29th May - The ticket was purchased through ticket master who were listed in the magazines advert for the event.  The ticket was £10.00 plus an admin fee of £2.95 it was sent to me a week before the event and I really enjoyed it.

As part of the ticket price you receive a fab goody bag plus 15% off of all the products in store, this discount offer really sold it to me because the picture of the goody bag on the website looked jam packed full of products, plus the Shea hand cream with 15% off is a little bargain!

The event started at 6.30pm and I arrived early, as the ticket stated 8.30pm closing time.  The store looked immaculate with treats everywhere and champagne upon arrival.

Claire the store manager and Sandra the sales assistant from L'Occitane were lovely, I had a complementary hand massage and there was also the offer of a facial, but because I was suffering at the time with an abscess on my tooth this option was not ideal for me.

Each sales assistant was so helpful and friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
They hold events like this twice a month for various women's publications such as Instyle, Women's Own and Glamour magazine so please keep a look out for these offers.  

I would recommend the reader event to anyone because it allows you to view all of the products in a closed store and you get to meet some great customers, and enjoy free treats too.

The beautiful mosaic tiles at the Kingston Store

Claire store manager

Yummy treats at the store

The new L'Occitane shower range which is limited edition

My favourite the shea rnage

My gorgeous goody bag which is part of the deal when you buy the ticket

Honey suckle soap included in the goody bag and smells delicious!

Travel size of the Almond shower oil

The Chelsea Harvest hamper which I purchased, as well as the Cherry Blossom fragrance  which is beautiful

This size of the Cherry Blossom is fabulous for the handbag

The contents of the Chelsea Harvest box

Thanks for reading

Chat soon


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