Friday 23 March 2012

Website Review - Gift Guide March 2012

Welcome to Emilly (AKA Moosey) and I's first video together!

(some pictures my own and others taken from the relevant website featured)

Moosey is one of my best friends and she loves internet shopping as much as me, so why not do a video together to explain Emilly's recent purchases for her boyfriends birthday?

We are discussing websites for gifts for guys or girls, but in this instance it's for a guy.
We wanted to share with you our experience of these websites and how fast the delivery is and the quality of the products on offer.

Volunteer Point is currently home to approximately 1,200 adult King penguins and 345 chicks and is one of the most popular tourist locations in the Falklands. By adopting a penguin you can help to fund conservation of this area and protect these glorious creatures.

The Falklands Conservation group supports research programmes to monitor the penguins in order to establish and eradicate potential threats to their survival and prevents undue disturbance to their habitat. This adoption pack makes both an educational and rewarding gift.         

For the penguin sponsorship the website is - cost £30 for a year please click 'Here' to view.

For the Banksy canvasses the website is - cost £20.00 each click 'Here' for the full range

For the keepsake necklace the website is - cost £20.00 please click 'Here' to view the full information

'You're Priceless' Card With Silver Tag Keepsake

'You're Priceless' Card With Silver Tag Keepsake

For the personalised badges the website is - cost £3.50 'Here'

Badges Image 1

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  It would mean a lot to me.


Claire xx


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