Tuesday 27 March 2012

Shanghai Rose Solid Perfume Review and Shaz Appeal Charity

Hi Guys,
So today I thought I would talk to you all about two things that aren't linked but I wanted to tell you all about
- Shanghai Rose Solid Perfumes and also the Shaz Appeal Charity for Cancer.
Shanghai Rose solid perfumes were available for £7 from Accessorize (this is where Moosey bought hers) but they are not available there so we thought we would review them anyway because we have found them cheaper on Amazon for £5.50!
These perfumes are so pretty to have in your handbag and the perfumes smell gorgeous so do check them out.

Here's our video presentation about the Shanghai Rose solid perfumes -

  • Solid perfume is a great way to carry a little fragrance around with you without the fear of a nasty spill messing up your expensive handbag or purse.
  • These unique collectible fragrances sourced from french parfumier Givaudin are fresh and understated and are perfect for day or evening use.
  • Each fragrance is captured in a microcrystalline wax base and can be applied like a balm onto pulse points.
  • Each tub is boxed in an Oriental art deco style miniature box - perfect stocking filler
  • size 40 x 10mm

  • Link to Amazon where you can buy these pretty solid perfumes from 'Here'

    Price - £5.50

    Shaz Appeal website -

    Background of Shaz Appeal :

     The ‘Shaz Appeal’ was set up by Sharon Fairhead following her diagnosis and treatment for Breast Cancer in 2010. Shaz Appeal aims to raise money to support people impacted by cancer. We also aim to support organisations and charities involved in cancer diagnosis, care and research.

    Please support this wonderful brave lady!

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    Claire xx

    Number 57 - Marine

    Number 71 - Lychee

    Number 93 - Lime Zest


    1. I really really like the sound of these solid perfumes, Ive got one from LOccitane and love it, have to save up some moneies for these hehe xx

    2. hey honey! They are really pretty and cheap. you can find them on ebay for maybe a little cheaper? xx

    3. You can get them for £1 at primark :)


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