Tuesday 20 March 2012

EBay - I'm selling my items for a good cause, please help me raise some money!

So over the weekend I have taken advantage of the no insertion fees on EBay and have decided to sell some of my items and items that have been kindly donated to me.

As you may already know I am saving to move in with my friend so every penny counts and we plan to start looking at the end of April once I have my part of the deposit saved up. (It is tough)

I will be regularly visiting my storage unit and selling items in there and also asking friends to donate things so this is my first batch of items.

Some of the items are brand new, and others although used are in very good condition!

All of the items are on a 10 day listing so please keep a look out for these items and bid if you would like anything.

Eyeko Fat stick
Brand new H&M Trousers size 20

F&F Top size 14

Topshop Top size 16

H&M Cardigan size 10

Topshop Shorts size 12

BNWT French Connection Long Sleeve top size L

New Look Sparkly Cardigan size L

Monsoon Silk Skirt size 10

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner

Warehouse Skirt size 12

There are makeup items, and clothes of various sizes so there is something for everyone.

Do visit my eBay page and take a look. Your support would be gratefully received - myworld.ebay

Lots of love





  1. great pieces and lovely blog! xx


  2. Hey Alina!

    Oh thank you so much! Please make sure you subscribe to my blog via GFC and youtube! Lovely to meet you.

    I shall do the same now. xx

  3. Love the blue shirt! That is my new favorite color


  4. Hey Suma, the blue top is a gorgeous colour but I've gotten to fat for it LOL! :-( do you have a blog? Thanks fr the comment! Xx

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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