Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Day Two of My Birthday 23/02/12 - Groupon Voucher for Fake it Tanning and Beauty for a Dermalogica facial and holistic massage

Hey guys,

On Thursday 23rd February (my second day of my birthday 5 day celebrations)  
I went to the Fake it Tanning and Beauty salon in Surrey for -

•45 minute tailored Dermalogica facial with consultation

•30 minute holistic massage

This was at the cost of £24.00 through Groupon and to be honest I am kicking myself that I didn't buy more than one of these vouchers!
Here's a picture of the treatment room on the right in and the sunbeds they also have on offer -


Link to the offer that I bought - Groupon

The therapist was lovely she took me through a consultation beforehand and explained what treatments I would have. 

As well as the 45 minute facial and 30 minute back massage I also had a foot massage and came away with sample sachets of Dermalogica to try. 

Now I have had Dermalogica facials before and have thoroughly enjoyed them as well as using the products for years.  The therapist took into consideration my skin concerns, relaxed me and she then continued with the back massage first then followed by the facial. 

My therapists name was Sian Avis and she works part time.  She was incredibly informative and lovely to chat too.  The current Groupon voucher that I purchased runs until June 2012 and then hopefully after that more offers from this salon will go up, and I shall be first on the list to buy more.

The salon is really easy to find, it is at the bottom of New Malden High street and 6 doors from New Malden station.  I drove and found ample parking spaces even though I had to walk far to get to the salon once I had parked.

The salon works well, but it isn't as new as some other salons I have been too and the decor looks a bit dated but this didn't bother me because Sian put me at ease and I felt very welcome there and the treatments were great so who cares about the decor??

They offer tons of treatments see the list below -

Above : The front of the salon

I am very happy with the service I received here and as I said I will definitely go back.  After my treatments I was so relaxed I actually went home to sleep! So that must be a good sign. 
My skin is still lovely and soft and I felt very pampered.

Have any of you bought Groupon vouchers before?  Have you been to this salon?

I hope you enjoyed this post, there are more to follow!

Hugs as always



(pictures taken from Fake it salon website)

Monday, 27 February 2012

My 31st Birthday 22/02/12 Day One of 5 day birthday week! London Zoo, Gel Nails and the Waldorf Hilton

Hello Lovelies,

This is my second attempt at writing this post as for some reason I had scheduled it to post itself at 7pm yesterday and nothing happened and blogger deleted it? great!

So here is my first post about my 31st birthday day which was 22/02/12 I sure don't feel 31 at all, but I guess with a bad back I sure feel it some days. 

I did something for each of the 5 days so I shall be positing more about what I got up to and anything which might give you a good review on places to go and deals to purchase!

On Wednesday 22nd February I went to London Zoo in the morning, as I havent been there since I was little and being the biggest animal lover I know I thought it would be a lovely day out.

We managed to get an off peak travel card after 9.30am so that cut out some of the cost and because we had bought that, we managed to get two for one at the zoo too.

After the zoo I had a 2.30pm appointment to use a Wahanda voucher I had pruchased for gel nail extensions.  The voucher cost £18 instead of the usual price of £45 so it was a bargain, and I am extremely pleased with my nails. 

Once my nails were looking lovely we then looked around town and went to Liberty's which I don't think I have ever been too before.  We looked at the make up counters and my favourite Bobbi Brown but I opted for a Dermalogica skin care set which was a really good price.  Dermalogica is my favourite skin care brand!  We then popped to Abercrombie and Fitch in Savile Row, if you haven't been there before you must go you can smell the fragrances wafting through the street as you turn the corner!  We then had our Polaroid taken with a male model (he wasn't as nice as the last one we had a few months back)  The photo of the model and me is below. 

After a mooch around the shops we then went to Covent Garden and made our way to the Waldorf Hilton for a 3 course dinner and champagne.  This was another deal we had purchased from Groupon, it worked out as £18.00 each.  The food was lovely but the service wasn't that great they rushed us through each course, and when we were ready to pay we had to stand up and wave at them to get they're attention.

I shall list all of the links to the deals I purchased for my birthday treats below so that you can keep an eye on the many more posts that are coming. 

It really has been another great birthday to remember, with great friends and being spoilt.
I hope you enjoy this post! :-)

Above : Here's the Hello Kitty Birthday sign that was sent to me by a great friend on Facebook, the KG pink sparkly ballet shoes I wore to the zoo (before it started raining and I had to change my shoes to boots ) and the amazing Happy Birthday wishes from two of my favourite QVC presenters!

Video of me playing with the Penguins at London  Zoo -

Above : The cute Penguins at the zoo, my favourite Flamingos, the "poo at zoo" book which was advertised everywhere and made us laugh, me posing outside the butterfly house with my Tesco's bag as you do!

Above : The fabulous Penguins all huddled together, me and my friend Michelle having our picnic, the cutest little tropical bird in its nest that refused to move, the funny animal sitting in the rain with soaking wet hair, and the lovely monkeys my favourite part of the zoo, i stroked them before some lady came up to me and told me off!

Above : The Electric Beach where I had the rock chic nails UV nail extensions done you can find Rock Chic Nails website 'here' you can also find the other deals on Wahanda for this salon by clicking 'here' and the last photo is the amazing OPI AVO JUICE in cran and berry which smelt amazing and my nail technician massaged it into my hadns once the treatment was over.  Rock Chic Nails were fab and I will definately go back there.  

Above : the Faberge Egg hunt egg found outside Liberty's this one is so amazing, Top right is Liberty's itself - amazing shop and lovely staff, Abercrombie and Fitch where I had my Polaroid taken with a male model, see below.

Above : the polaroid of me and the Abercrombie model

Above : The Fake it tanning and beauty salon that I shall post about tomorrow which is day 2 of my birthday, the amazing Claireabella bag and Lily flame candle bought for me by a good friend, the left over snacks of our London zoo picnic, and the Topshop nail art pens and Hello Kitty ring my friend Michelle bought me for my birthday, and a yummy M&S breakfast the day after my birthday.

Above : The cute quote we found painted on the walls of the Waterloo pedestrian walkway, my Liverty's shopping bag, another egg found in Covent Garden, 'Fight the Nothingness' sign outside the Southbank, and a nice view of the wheel.
Above : The Waldorf Hilton, what I had -

Starter - smoked duck breast with seaweed salad wrap and soy dressing
Main - braised pork chop, with stilton and plum sauce, potato mash and green beans
Dessert - white chocolate and passion fruit mousse

Above : The entrance to the restaurant, my champagne, me posing, and the outside of the hotel

The deal we purchased from Groupon you can find 'here'  

I hope you enjoyed all of my photos there are around 5 more posts to come as well as my review of the new Carmine box that I received yesterday (27/02/12)

Have you bought any Wahanda / Groupon vouchers before? 

Thanks for reading / and watching!

I now have 311 Twitter followers which is just amazing as well as nearly 50 GFC subscribers in only 3 months, It's lovely to meet you all :-D




Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February Glossy Box review 2012

Hello my lovely followers, and a very warm welcome new followers!

I received my February Glossy Box yesterday and although many many of my fellow bloggers have posted and written about it I thought I would do a speedy and not too content rich post on my blog too.

Technically this months Glossy Box is March's as if you remember I received a gorgeous Valentines themed box at the beginning of the month.  
Well that box was fab, this box contents doesn't really do it for me, it just doesn't live up to last months box. 

The card inside reads to "expect the unexpected and to check a web address from February 24th"? 
The usual gorgeous packaging

This Months contents
My Youtube video explains more about the content of this box


Dr Bronners Magic Soap Unscented 

DuWop venom Gloss 

BM Beauty Mineral Eye shadow in Platinum Tiara

COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Lotion 

Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Trip Liquid Curl Definer

There are a varied amount of products in this box from some brands I have never heard of - Como Shambhala and Dr. Bronners being two of them.  The other contents such as the BM beauty eye-shadow I like the colour of and I also like the DuWop gloss although as I explained in my video I don't like the tingling sensation you get with these glosses.  

The most disappointing product in this months box is the Paul Mitchell Round trip liquid curl definer.  I have dead straight hair that doesn't take to kindly to curls, and this product is a waste of time for me.  I won't use it and I feel that there was no point even filling out the forms when you sign up to Glossy Box if they aren't going to ensure that each box is suited to different hair types and skin types for each subscriber!

All in all the box was OK but nothing special, it's funny last months valentines box bowled me over  but this box has let me down.  Yes there are products in the box I don't mind trying but overall I don't think that I got my £12.00 worth!

Have you got this months box?  What do you think of it?

Are there other boxes that surpass Glossy Box?

Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel here - PinkChickClaire

I will be Blogging / Vlogging about my birthday week and what I get up to!! :-)

21 again.. I wish!!





Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My LOVE - My iPad 2 £399

Hello my lovelies,

So a bit of an informative post today because I've been meaning to chat about my obsession for a while!

About 5 months ago I purchased an iPad 2, I luckily paid cash for mine and bought it from my local Apple store.

Warning large content - I have tried to be as informative as possible to help you all!

I deliberated about buying it for a while because I have a Sony Vaio laptop (although old) and my 2 iPhone's and thought that I didn't really need it!  But because of having a bad back and the weight of the laptop when I am trying to write blogs or upload videos hurts my back even more I swayed even closer to purchasing the iPad. 

I thought I would do research before I took the plunge and just popped into the Apple store to ask some questions.  Before I even had time to blink the sales person had already ordered the iPad 2 that I wanted and was asking me to pay!! To be honest I think this is the best thing the sales person could of done because being a woman and indecisive means you waste valuable time LOL!

So after 25 minutes I was walking out of the store with another gadget and a big smile on my face and I have never looked back.  By far buying this with my hard earned cash is the BEST thing I have ever done.  I love the thing so much I am on it everyday.  One of my best friends played with my iPad 2 and then bought himself one!! (Leigh you know I am your guinea pig!)  So as an ode to Apple and because I love the thing so much, why not post about it and tell you my favourite aps and why I love this new friend of mine.

My iPad 2 -

For tech specs on the iPad 2 please click here

I decided to buy the white 16 GB iPad 2 because it's much more feminine then black and I have wireless Internet at home and didn't want another o2 contract

My silicone back case came from Targus at Tesco's but it has now been discontinued!
This case is great because it's made of a soft plastic you can remove it very easily for placing on the iPad stand and changing it with other covers you might have.

You can purchase a similar one here

Hard pink case for iPad I purchased mine from here

 This hard zipper case is designed for those who want no compromises when it comes to protecting their Apple iPad!

Despite its tough exterior, your Apple iPad is kept safe from nicks and scratches with the soft fabric lining on the interior of the case.

It also boasts a double zipper design, allowing you to lock your iPad securely into the case.


• Providing both travel convenience and protection for the iPad

• Protects the iPad from accidental damage during daily use

• Slim-line design with a secure zip closure

• Easily accessible ready for when you need it the most

This is the best £9.75 I have spent on a case, mines very mucky as you can see in the picture but at least it's clean and protected on the inside.

iPad 2 Dock you can buy this here for £25.00

This sleek dock is your personal hub for all things iPad. Specifically designed for iPad 2, it gives you easy access to a port for syncing or charging and an audio line out port for connecting to powered speakers via an optional audio cable. The iPad 2 Dock also supports other iPad accessories, such as the Apple Digital AV Adaptor and the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

I use the dock when I am at work and want to listen to music at my desk, when at home to watch movies or YouTube videos.  I find it very useful, the USB charges my iPad through my desktop computer.

Now on to my favourite part - my most loved apps -


This app gives you a beautiful way to flip through the news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Goggle Reader and Flickr. See all your social media in a magazine layout that’s easy to scan and fun to read.  Plus when the app isn't running the landscape images give you a nice array of photos to look at.  For more information on this app click here


On iPad 2:

TED's official app presents talks from some of the world's most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus and music legends. Find more than 900 TEDTalk videos (with more added each week) on the official TED app

The entire library is at your fingertips on the iPad app. Watch TEDTalks in high or low res formats based on your network connectivity. Play it on your device or send to your home entertainment system via AirPlay. Curate your own play list. Watch them later, even when you can't be online. Sort views by recency or popularity. Find something by tags, themes, or related talks. Share favourites with your friends. Tell us how much time you have and let us guide you to a delightful play list.  This is by far on of the most interesting apps I own - if you have spare time as the photo illustrates you can watch talks, photos and information on different topics and you
can even watch things according to how much time you have to watch them.  A great app if you commute everyday and have the the time to read some of these great talks and educate yourself a little.  For more information on this app click here

For the foodies out there my favourite cooking apps are - This Morning and Jamie Oliver, I like the way I can create my own folders on the iPad 2 and name them how I want so that everything is organised.

My favourite catch up Tv apps - 4OD, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and ITV Player - this is one of the reasons I bought the iPad because I can watch missed programmes in the comfort of my own home and bed for that matter! :-D

Apps for bloggers -

iMovie - this was £2.99 and is a great app for editing YouTube videos for my blog

Blogger - so you can blog on the move!

Instagram - so that I can take photos of my food obsessions and they automatically get posted to my Twitter and Facebook accounts

Fromspring - I must confess I don't use this enough, but its a great app to meet new people and gain more exposure

Bloglovin - my favourite app to catch up with what my fellow bloggers are writing about.  I use this everyday

YouTube - my other obsessions checking up on the video subscriptions I have and new uploaded videos

Useful App's -

Tunein Radio - great to be able to listen to whatever station you want using this app, whenever you want.  I listen to Defjay radio although it's foreign they're music is more like a current American radio station playing songs not out here in the UK yet

METRO Tablet Edition - I like this paper and although I don't commute to pick up the paper copy I still like to read this free app

VEVO HD - A great music app showing you new videos in HD quality

Dropbox - useful as if you are like me you have a finance spreadsheet that you stick to, you can access it anywhere using this app.

Groupon -This is great to check in on new deals they have to offer

Shopping App's -

Etsy - I buy LOADS from different sellers and love this site

H&M - great App

QVC - of course my favourite and I enjoy catching up with whats on offer

River Island



CHIC Outlet Shopping

FT Hot to spend it


That's it for now, and I hope you found this post informative?  Do you have any apps that you think I should have?  Let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading!


(App information taken from


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Carmines January Beauty Box review - My First Ever Box

Hello lovelies,
So I subscribed to my third beauty box a few weeks back (I have already subscribed to Glossy box and Feel Unique) but there was a promotion for Carmine which meant I received the January box for £5.00.

Sorry the photo is crocked!
Now I must confess Carmine has always fallen to the bottom of my beauty box wish list because they're products to me a are a bit "out there" so to receive this box for £5.00 and then be able to cancel it at anytime I thought it would be a win win!  I did check out other bloggers reviews of this box before  I received mine so I did know what I was going to get, and I am pleased I only paid £5.00 for this because it really didn't excite me at all.

First impressions -
The box - it is just so hard to open!  If you have dexterity problems then you'd find this difficult.  The outer delivery box is florescent orange and even though you couldn't possibly miss it on your doorstep, its unnecessarily garish and not my cup of tea. 
Fare enough the inner box is larger than the rest of the beauty boxes out there, but I still felt as though the contents was jumbled together without much thought.
The contents -

Now I have of course heard of Eyeko, and balance me before. 
eldora eyelashes - aren't my thing and will just sit in a box somewhere and won't get used.  (I always mean to apply them but have long natural lashes and never can be patient enough to apply the falsies!)
The Balance me face oil is a nice touch because in these winter months you do need extra hydration so this I am pleased to get. 
Westlab Himalayan Bath Salts - I do not currently have a bath so these will not get used at the moment but are a nice colour and there is a considerable amount of them in the packet.
eyeko FAT eye stick - The colour I received was petrol blue - not a colour that I shall use.. The colour smudges easily, and in prints on your eyelids - I will not be using this at all.
KORRES wild rose moisturiser - I have heard of KORRES before but have never used their products, so this will make a nice day cream as it has a SPF 6. 
To summarise -

I expected the contents of this box, but I must say that now the Beauty Box from Feel Unique is no more for a couple of months I am willing to give Carmine a try.  If the next box is like the first I shall be cancelling my subscription because the products just do not compare to the quality of some others I have received from other beauty box companies.  Its a shame but I guess this is the luck of the draw with these boxes and you either stick with them in the hope of something better coming along or you leave and find an alternative. 
Have you tried Carmine?  what did you think? are they're any other beauty boxes you think I should subscribe too?
Let me know!
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bare Minerals 9 Piece The Grand Collection Review

The gorgeous hat box that this kit comes in - I am going to use this for storage, it's far too pretty to throw away!
I Purchased this kit about 3 - 4 months ago when it was a TSV and have only used 2 or 3 out of the box so far. 
Here's my review on the contents and my thoughts on it -
Here's the video review on this kit -
More product information -
Prime Time Primer Shadow in Cameo Pink (3ml) and (left) Hydrating Lip Tint in Juicy - Vivid Berry (5.5ml)

Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara - Black (10ml)

Tickled Blush - Ripe Watermelon (0.85g)

Emotion Matte Eye Colour - Dark Amethyst (0.57g)
You also receive two full size brushes which are great, please check out my video for the full review on all of these items and a true to life look at the colours themselves.
This kit is amazing value, and for someone like me it can sit on the shelf and I can go to it for back ups of foundation and mascara or just for new items to try. 
If you have problem skin and find concealing spots and blemishes difficult, I would recommend this range to anyone, its so pure you can sleep in it (not that I do personally) but the way it treats your skin with respect, I forget that I have a foundation on.
Have you tried Bare Minerals before?  Are you mad on the range like me because of how the minerals treat your skin?
Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading / watching.
Hugs as always

(Images taken from QVC website, my own images wouldn't load up, besides QVC's images are so clear and more professional than mine LOL)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Feel Unique Beauty Box review - February 2012 they're last ever?? :-(

Hi Guys, I am sooo sorry that I have been missing recently but I have had the worst bug and have only felt up to blogging today.  (and thats before another headache starts)  I hope you are all well?
Anyway today's post is about the February Feel Unique Beauty Box which I received yesterday.  I must say this box is the best yet, but sadly as much of you bloggers who have subscribed to Beauty Box would of been emailed today the company isn't doing these again for a while so this may or may not be the last?? :-(
I cannot tell you how much I love these boxes, this and the Glossy Box are my favourites and to think that I am going to loose out on receiving these once a month makes me very sad!
So here's more detail about this months box, and if you can get your hands on one, and if this is indeed the last then they have certainly gone out with a  bang!  There is nothing in this box I wouldn't use.

Contents of this months box -

Trial of Kokorico the new Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance - 1ml - I haven't sprayed this yet as smells make my head worse but worth keeping in the hand bag and trailing.

Leighton Denny Diamond Rose Nail Varnish - 4.6ml - As you know I love Leighton's polishes and this one is such a feminine rosy pink colour that makes your natural nail look healthier and more alive, the picture below of my nail doesn't show the colour of this to its full advantage

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse multi use age dry oil - 10ml I have been dying to use this as it is always in the In style Beauty best buys and looks really nourishing and I love the packaging. 
It smells very warm and comforting so I shall be looking forward to trying this in this cold weather

Decleor PHYTOPEEL - Natural Exfoliating cream 15ml now I have been ill and from so many cold flannels to help with my bad head my skin is dehydrated and scaly so using this will be interesting.  It has very small exfoliating particles in it and I much prefer St Ives face and body exfoliator which particles are larger but I am going to try this anyway and will keep you posted how I get on,  Another really spa quality brand to try in this months fab box.

Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger hand and Body Wash - 100ml I have used this before and its a lovely product.  The size of this is really generous and great for travelling (that's if I was going anywhere) Another great spa quality brand.

And lastly but by no means least the incredible find in this months box of the - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - 40ml I have been wanting to try this for years, it always appears on QVC and it always receives rave reviews but I just have never purchased it!  I cannot wait - out of everything in the box to try this product.  I have very fine, hair which is naturally very light blonde / brown and I dye my hair regularly so it need a bit of TLC, so this has come at the right time for me.

So thats this months box.  I really hope that Feel Unique re-think the hold on these boxes and carry on doing them.  I haven't made any comments or complaints to the company directly and I don't really see what the problem is? 

This box is fab as soon as I opened it I gasped by the amount of products in here.

Have any of you received the last Feel Unique Beauty Box? 

How do you feel about them stopping the boxes?

I hope to be well enough to do some more video blogs soon.

Thanks for reading!




(photos my own)
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