Tuesday 14 February 2012

Carmines January Beauty Box review - My First Ever Box

Hello lovelies,
So I subscribed to my third beauty box a few weeks back (I have already subscribed to Glossy box and Feel Unique) but there was a promotion for Carmine which meant I received the January box for £5.00.

Sorry the photo is crocked!
Now I must confess Carmine has always fallen to the bottom of my beauty box wish list because they're products to me a are a bit "out there" so to receive this box for £5.00 and then be able to cancel it at anytime I thought it would be a win win!  I did check out other bloggers reviews of this box before  I received mine so I did know what I was going to get, and I am pleased I only paid £5.00 for this because it really didn't excite me at all.

First impressions -
The box - it is just so hard to open!  If you have dexterity problems then you'd find this difficult.  The outer delivery box is florescent orange and even though you couldn't possibly miss it on your doorstep, its unnecessarily garish and not my cup of tea. 
Fare enough the inner box is larger than the rest of the beauty boxes out there, but I still felt as though the contents was jumbled together without much thought.
The contents -

Now I have of course heard of Eyeko, and balance me before. 
eldora eyelashes - aren't my thing and will just sit in a box somewhere and won't get used.  (I always mean to apply them but have long natural lashes and never can be patient enough to apply the falsies!)
The Balance me face oil is a nice touch because in these winter months you do need extra hydration so this I am pleased to get. 
Westlab Himalayan Bath Salts - I do not currently have a bath so these will not get used at the moment but are a nice colour and there is a considerable amount of them in the packet.
eyeko FAT eye stick - The colour I received was petrol blue - not a colour that I shall use.. The colour smudges easily, and in prints on your eyelids - I will not be using this at all.
KORRES wild rose moisturiser - I have heard of KORRES before but have never used their products, so this will make a nice day cream as it has a SPF 6. 
To summarise -

I expected the contents of this box, but I must say that now the Beauty Box from Feel Unique is no more for a couple of months I am willing to give Carmine a try.  If the next box is like the first I shall be cancelling my subscription because the products just do not compare to the quality of some others I have received from other beauty box companies.  Its a shame but I guess this is the luck of the draw with these boxes and you either stick with them in the hope of something better coming along or you leave and find an alternative. 
Have you tried Carmine?  what did you think? are they're any other beauty boxes you think I should subscribe too?
Let me know!
Thanks for reading.

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