Thursday 9 February 2012

Feel Unique Beauty Box review - February 2012 they're last ever?? :-(

Hi Guys, I am sooo sorry that I have been missing recently but I have had the worst bug and have only felt up to blogging today.  (and thats before another headache starts)  I hope you are all well?
Anyway today's post is about the February Feel Unique Beauty Box which I received yesterday.  I must say this box is the best yet, but sadly as much of you bloggers who have subscribed to Beauty Box would of been emailed today the company isn't doing these again for a while so this may or may not be the last?? :-(
I cannot tell you how much I love these boxes, this and the Glossy Box are my favourites and to think that I am going to loose out on receiving these once a month makes me very sad!
So here's more detail about this months box, and if you can get your hands on one, and if this is indeed the last then they have certainly gone out with a  bang!  There is nothing in this box I wouldn't use.

Contents of this months box -

Trial of Kokorico the new Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance - 1ml - I haven't sprayed this yet as smells make my head worse but worth keeping in the hand bag and trailing.

Leighton Denny Diamond Rose Nail Varnish - 4.6ml - As you know I love Leighton's polishes and this one is such a feminine rosy pink colour that makes your natural nail look healthier and more alive, the picture below of my nail doesn't show the colour of this to its full advantage

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse multi use age dry oil - 10ml I have been dying to use this as it is always in the In style Beauty best buys and looks really nourishing and I love the packaging. 
It smells very warm and comforting so I shall be looking forward to trying this in this cold weather

Decleor PHYTOPEEL - Natural Exfoliating cream 15ml now I have been ill and from so many cold flannels to help with my bad head my skin is dehydrated and scaly so using this will be interesting.  It has very small exfoliating particles in it and I much prefer St Ives face and body exfoliator which particles are larger but I am going to try this anyway and will keep you posted how I get on,  Another really spa quality brand to try in this months fab box.

Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger hand and Body Wash - 100ml I have used this before and its a lovely product.  The size of this is really generous and great for travelling (that's if I was going anywhere) Another great spa quality brand.

And lastly but by no means least the incredible find in this months box of the - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - 40ml I have been wanting to try this for years, it always appears on QVC and it always receives rave reviews but I just have never purchased it!  I cannot wait - out of everything in the box to try this product.  I have very fine, hair which is naturally very light blonde / brown and I dye my hair regularly so it need a bit of TLC, so this has come at the right time for me.

So thats this months box.  I really hope that Feel Unique re-think the hold on these boxes and carry on doing them.  I haven't made any comments or complaints to the company directly and I don't really see what the problem is? 

This box is fab as soon as I opened it I gasped by the amount of products in here.

Have any of you received the last Feel Unique Beauty Box? 

How do you feel about them stopping the boxes?

I hope to be well enough to do some more video blogs soon.

Thanks for reading!




(photos my own)


  1. I wonder why they have cancelled it, there are quite a few of these now and there are bound to be a few that fall by the wayside. On another note, I love the Elemis Lime & Ginger products. If you haven't yet tried ther scrub you must as its amazing!

  2. I had been thinking that the quality of the box may not have been as good as other boxes I'm seeing online but the grass is always greener. Although I was surprised when they said they were stopping.

    I don't think this month was too bad they oil and nail polish were good, and I'm looking forward to trying the face wash. When you get 5/6 products you can't expect to love them all.

  3. This looks like a great box too! However they have said they are planning something else so I wonder what it is! :) x

  4. Victoria - Never tried the scrub. whats it like? Does it smell the same? Don't forget to become a member of my blog via GFC! Thanks for your comment. xx

    Danielle - Thanks for the comments, really valid point you made. But I'm going to miss this box until they come back. :-( Don't forget to become a member of my blog via GFC! Thanks for your comment. xx

    Dixi - I am so excited once they pull they're finger out. Don't forget to become a member of my blog via GFC! Thanks for your comment. xx

  5. Yes, it smells exactly the same! It is quite pricy though, I received mine as a gift, but it comes ina gorgeous red glass jar which looks very luxurious in your bathroom!

  6. This was such a pretty stuff. Big thanks for sharing this with us. Big thanks.

  7. Soo disappointed to hear that feel unique do not do the beauty box as I just discovered the whole different sites on the beauty boxes shame I have been watching the videos on youtube wish they would bring it back as I would love to try different products


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