Monday 27 February 2012

My 31st Birthday 22/02/12 Day One of 5 day birthday week! London Zoo, Gel Nails and the Waldorf Hilton

Hello Lovelies,

This is my second attempt at writing this post as for some reason I had scheduled it to post itself at 7pm yesterday and nothing happened and blogger deleted it? great!

So here is my first post about my 31st birthday day which was 22/02/12 I sure don't feel 31 at all, but I guess with a bad back I sure feel it some days. 

I did something for each of the 5 days so I shall be positing more about what I got up to and anything which might give you a good review on places to go and deals to purchase!

On Wednesday 22nd February I went to London Zoo in the morning, as I havent been there since I was little and being the biggest animal lover I know I thought it would be a lovely day out.

We managed to get an off peak travel card after 9.30am so that cut out some of the cost and because we had bought that, we managed to get two for one at the zoo too.

After the zoo I had a 2.30pm appointment to use a Wahanda voucher I had pruchased for gel nail extensions.  The voucher cost £18 instead of the usual price of £45 so it was a bargain, and I am extremely pleased with my nails. 

Once my nails were looking lovely we then looked around town and went to Liberty's which I don't think I have ever been too before.  We looked at the make up counters and my favourite Bobbi Brown but I opted for a Dermalogica skin care set which was a really good price.  Dermalogica is my favourite skin care brand!  We then popped to Abercrombie and Fitch in Savile Row, if you haven't been there before you must go you can smell the fragrances wafting through the street as you turn the corner!  We then had our Polaroid taken with a male model (he wasn't as nice as the last one we had a few months back)  The photo of the model and me is below. 

After a mooch around the shops we then went to Covent Garden and made our way to the Waldorf Hilton for a 3 course dinner and champagne.  This was another deal we had purchased from Groupon, it worked out as £18.00 each.  The food was lovely but the service wasn't that great they rushed us through each course, and when we were ready to pay we had to stand up and wave at them to get they're attention.

I shall list all of the links to the deals I purchased for my birthday treats below so that you can keep an eye on the many more posts that are coming. 

It really has been another great birthday to remember, with great friends and being spoilt.
I hope you enjoy this post! :-)

Above : Here's the Hello Kitty Birthday sign that was sent to me by a great friend on Facebook, the KG pink sparkly ballet shoes I wore to the zoo (before it started raining and I had to change my shoes to boots ) and the amazing Happy Birthday wishes from two of my favourite QVC presenters!

Video of me playing with the Penguins at London  Zoo -

Above : The cute Penguins at the zoo, my favourite Flamingos, the "poo at zoo" book which was advertised everywhere and made us laugh, me posing outside the butterfly house with my Tesco's bag as you do!

Above : The fabulous Penguins all huddled together, me and my friend Michelle having our picnic, the cutest little tropical bird in its nest that refused to move, the funny animal sitting in the rain with soaking wet hair, and the lovely monkeys my favourite part of the zoo, i stroked them before some lady came up to me and told me off!

Above : The Electric Beach where I had the rock chic nails UV nail extensions done you can find Rock Chic Nails website 'here' you can also find the other deals on Wahanda for this salon by clicking 'here' and the last photo is the amazing OPI AVO JUICE in cran and berry which smelt amazing and my nail technician massaged it into my hadns once the treatment was over.  Rock Chic Nails were fab and I will definately go back there.  

Above : the Faberge Egg hunt egg found outside Liberty's this one is so amazing, Top right is Liberty's itself - amazing shop and lovely staff, Abercrombie and Fitch where I had my Polaroid taken with a male model, see below.

Above : the polaroid of me and the Abercrombie model

Above : The Fake it tanning and beauty salon that I shall post about tomorrow which is day 2 of my birthday, the amazing Claireabella bag and Lily flame candle bought for me by a good friend, the left over snacks of our London zoo picnic, and the Topshop nail art pens and Hello Kitty ring my friend Michelle bought me for my birthday, and a yummy M&S breakfast the day after my birthday.

Above : The cute quote we found painted on the walls of the Waterloo pedestrian walkway, my Liverty's shopping bag, another egg found in Covent Garden, 'Fight the Nothingness' sign outside the Southbank, and a nice view of the wheel.
Above : The Waldorf Hilton, what I had -

Starter - smoked duck breast with seaweed salad wrap and soy dressing
Main - braised pork chop, with stilton and plum sauce, potato mash and green beans
Dessert - white chocolate and passion fruit mousse

Above : The entrance to the restaurant, my champagne, me posing, and the outside of the hotel

The deal we purchased from Groupon you can find 'here'  

I hope you enjoyed all of my photos there are around 5 more posts to come as well as my review of the new Carmine box that I received yesterday (27/02/12)

Have you bought any Wahanda / Groupon vouchers before? 

Thanks for reading / and watching!

I now have 311 Twitter followers which is just amazing as well as nearly 50 GFC subscribers in only 3 months, It's lovely to meet you all :-D




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