Monday 9 January 2012

Mally 6 piece - Defend your Beauty collection from QVC

Good afternoon chickies!

I thought I would put together this post as promised late last night when I was supposed to be asleep! :-(

I purchased the Mally Defend your beauty collection from QVC in December as they're todays special value. 

It was £48.50 or thereabouts with £4.45 p&p

You can find it here - QVC UK Mally Defend your Beauty Collection

 Image taken from QVC website

The amount of products in this kit drew my atttention, as did the 3 easy payments which meant I could spread the cost.
I have always wanted to try Mally's make up because she does so many cover shoots for various music videos and photo op's and thought the celeb client list she has, it would live up to the hype.
But unfortunately I was VERY disappointed!

Firstly - the Face Defender with sponge (11.5g) - this featherweight formula helps minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines while locking make-up into place

Yes this powder was see-through, soft to the touch and felt nice on the skin, but within an hour of coming into work, my skin on my nose and under my eyes the make - up was everywhere.  I literally looked as though I had put my make up on without a mirror.  I could move my concealer around my face! It doesn't "lock make-up into place" instead it moves it around your face.

Secondly - was the  Face Defender Blush Pink Perfection - pink (6g) - this silky smooth and lightweight blush gives you a beautiful, healthy flush and feels great on the skin

This product was probably the only one I truly liked and didn't want to send back, the powder was silky soft to the touch and the colour was lovely and suede looking (it looks darker in the photo above)  It wasn't like any other colour of blusher I had seen before.

Thirdly - Volumizing Mascara Black (10ml) - this unique formula helps create the look of gorgeous, full, luxurious lashes

This mascara in one word was - wet! It inprinted all over my face when used and I had to wipe off the mistakes with numerous cotton buds, I didn't like the consistency of this product at all!  In the photos below of the eye make - up the mascara I am wearing is my all time favourite Lancome mascara and not this one, I just couldn't get on with it!

Fourthy - (is fourthly an actual word? I don't know!)
Volumizing Lipgloss Flirty - golden pink (3.5g) - this new lipgloss gives you the look of a beautiful, full-looking pout without the sting of traditional lip plumpers

All I can say is fish!  The bag has a cute pink lining, has everything going for it, but the smell of fish.

Oh lordy it smelt like something had died in it!

I was hoping to use this as a money bag / make up bag but the smell was dreadful, I put it on the radiator, sprayed it with deodorant and still the smell remained.  The reviews all say the same about the smell, I am not too sure if it was to do with the plastic used but I couldn't stand it.

To sum up -

I was looking forward to receiving this kit, I had heard a great deal about the products and Mally's personality and love for her range but I was so very disappointed, so much so that this weekend I sent this back for a full refund.  This is the joy of QVC, you use the products and if you don't like them you send them back.  No quibble or problem! 

I won't be missing this kit in my collection, and to be honest I won't be buying any Mally products again.  She really didn't live up to the hype, she didn't deliver the "girl power" promise to me at all.

Have any of you tried Mally's products?  What do you think?

Lots of love



(Words in black italics are taken from the QVC website)

P.S sorry about the lop sided photos, it wouldn't let me change them!


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