Sunday 8 January 2012

My Weekend of tidying, chilling, Make up storage and insurance!

Evening guys, I hope you've had a nice weekend? I've been busy sorting out pet and car insurance this weekend, so will keep you updated how I got on with that and the savings that I've made.  Money supermarket has been excellent.
I decided to clean up my dressing table and makeup organisation as it was dreadful! 
My gorgeous and girly kidney shaped dressing table is in storage so I am using this desk from my landlady who kindly lent it to me until I move so this is only half the products I own!
So before it looked like this -

And I sorted it out to this -

The placemats are from H&M and are vinyl which is good because I wear Bare Escentuals powder everyday and it does get messy, so having these means I can clean up the powder mess easily. 

The acrylic draws are from M&S and I have had them for 3 years but they weren't being used so that was lucky that I found them. 

The hairdryer is sitting in a plastic jug for now until I can afford to buy the acrylic storage I have seen here -
for £24.00 it's not bad and looks great, I can put my hairdryer, GHD's and Curling iron in there without worrying about the plastic melting as its heat resistant.

I need some more acrylic draw units because all the items I have currently are squashed a bit so that will also be my next purchase.  These look fab from allupandon

I have been looking at other peoples blogs with regards to make up storage, and I have ordered some of these storage boxes from Store Twenty One to hold my access products that I don't want to use but want to keep in a dark place as back ups.  They are really cheap and very girly.  Mine have a cupcake design on them and have appeared to of sold out online, but these lilac boxes are the same price and shape -
I think they will look lovely.  I ordered about 6 boxes and my order came to just over £15.00  bargain!

And lastly storage wise I am definately purchasing these from the Holding Company, they are for shoes so can be used for those afterwards, but acrylic wise and size wise this is perfect -

Expensive for £43.00 but I figure the more storage and things I sort out now, when I move I won't need to worry about having to sort these all out again it will just be a case of putting them into my new home and knowing everything is in order!

OPI Teenage Dream and Beauty Box December Nails Inc Pink Polishes

Lastly I have been playing around with nail varnishes and mixing them up a bit!
I played with my fav OPI Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection and also the Nails Inc Pink polish I received in the December Beauty box

Here's the effect I made -

I think its looks really cute and girly.

I will be posting about Mally make-up this week as I purchased a set recently, I haven't seen many other reviews about her range has anyone else tried it?

Lots of Love Claire xx

P.S don't forget to check out my Youtube channel -

(Nail varnish photos from google)

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