Monday 11 March 2019

Mrs Hinch Giveaway!

Do you love Mrs Hinch as much as me?
Then this post is for you!

I have followed Mrs Hinch from humble beginnings on Instagram and the other week she surpassed 2 million followers!  An absolute huge milestone for anyone to get to.  I have been lucky to interact with Sophie many times, and not only is she hilarious, she is 100% genuine and it's a joy to watch her grow.  I for one, was quick off the mark when her book tour dates were released, and I CANNOT WAIT to meet her in the flesh in April at Westfield White City!

So on with the giveaway - There are two Mrs Hinch inspired giveaways which are running till the 31st march 2019.  How to enter is below. 

I just wanted to share the love that I have for Mrs Hinch, and how I have found the whole Hinch Army a massive support network of lovely people.  So what better way of celebrating Mrs Hinch and the fab Hinch Army than a nice giveaway.

I hope that you take some time to enter, and let me know if you've managed to bag tickets to the Mrs Hinch book tour yet?

To enter -

First Follow me, and like this photo below over on my Instagram page - 'Here' and leave a comment on how Mrs Hinch has helped you.

Here is the contents of Giveaway 1

And below is the contents of giveaway 2

Second thing to do - Follow my YouTube channel 'Here' and leave a comment on my Mrs Hinch Giveaway video 'Here'

And that's it!

The two giveaways are open to UK subscribers only due to them being cleaning products, I cannot send them internationally 😟😟

All items were purchased by myself to just spread the Hinch Love! xx

You can also find me here

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