Monday 4 March 2019

Kylie Cosmetics - Shopping My Stash

I love Kylie Jenner, a total girl boss and entrepreneur.  
I thought for this week's post I could shop my stash of makeup that I have from her brand Kylie Cosmetics and talk you through my thoughts on the products and the brand in general.
I won't worry about showing you swatches of the products in this post because as you know if you are an avid Kylie Jenner Cosmetics shopper, her items go out of stock rapidly and limited edition sets hardly ever come back! 
Now, I am a total makeup junkie and I also adore some decent packaging and a celeb brand or two.
Let's start with the packaging for Kylie Cosmetics - cardboard mostly but it does the job, large pans with a deep rich pigmented colour, a mirror on the lid of most of the palettes and I must say Kylie has put all of her energy into the formulations meaning that the packaging isn't 'wow' but you don't mind that because the products are good.
 I have in my stash -
One Kylie eyeshadow palette,
An eye palette (not pictured) from her mums Kris collection
A Kris Face Palette (pictured) 'Here'
1 Concealer in Bone 'Here'
1 Matte Lipstick in Miami 'Here'
 My favorite from all of these items is her mum Kris' blusher and highlighter called the 'Face' palette.  Its very well used, highly pigmented and even though I use it nearly every day, I haven't even hit pan yet! You can pick yours up for $48.00 'Here'
 My least used is this lipstick pictured above in the shade 'Miami' 'Here' and the concealer below in the shade 'Bone' 'Here'.  The reason why?

I'm not a massive lipstick wearer, and the concealer isn't the right shade for me and not as good in my opinion as Tarte Shape Tape or Flower Beauty's concealer.

What do I like about the Kylie Cosmetics brand - The packing isn't that fancy, but the products are highly pigmented and they last a long time.  I haven't hit pan on the Kris Jenner Face Palette considering I use the highlighter and blusher everyday. 

I like how Kylie regularly updates her product range with limited edition shades and collections.

She's innovative and seems to take great care in showing swatches of her new products on her stories.  I also like how she is now stocking her Lip Kits in Ulta stores making them more accessible to everyone.

Her shipping packaging is also lovely, and presented really professionally.

What I don't like - How expensive everything is for the UK!  She ships internationally for orders over $60 but for the UK we ALWAYS incur custom charges for her products and this means that on top of the purchase price we have to add another £15.00 for custom charges meaning that things get quite expensive.

Although with two email accounts I have signed up for email alerts and registered, I still receive NO emails from the brand.  So the only way I can keep up to date is with Kylie's Instagram!

Her limited edition ranges are great, but I feel that as time goes on Kylie churns out more items which just look the same as previous collections?  Some colours I think have just been renamed and remarketed.

Why doesn't Kylie stock makeup brushes?  She has 3 on her website but they are always out of stock.  

Also, why can't her products be available on Cult Beauty?  Making them easily accessible for Europe?  

Lastly, her products are expensive and could be a little more accessible to her younger fans.

So there's my thoughts on the Kylie Cosmetics brand and products, what do you think of the range?

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