Monday 25 July 2016

Purrfect Box

As you know, I adore my two cat husbands!  
When Purrfect Box got in touch, offering my two boys a subscription box full of treats and toys - I couldn't say no.

Filled with useful everyday items, like a pooper scooper and cat food my Siamese couldn't wait to get stuck in as you can see below...
You can see the contents of the June 2016 box in my video below.  
Sorry that It's taken me so long to upload this - my life is really hectic with my new job, and sorting out my house.
I really loved all the toys in the Purrfect Box!
What's in the box?
6 products suited to your cat's profile, delivered to your doorstep once a month.
Delicious treats, toys, accessories and hygiene products : the team selects the best products for your furball.
Super savings : the price of subscription to the boxes are much cheaper than the value of the products included.
Choose a plan, Purrfect Box offer 12 months, 6 months, 3 months or 1 month subscriptions, it's up to you what you choose. 
You can choose to suspend the subscription at any moment.

To get £5.00 off of your first box enter in this code - ukbvu2lo 'Here'

And let me know what your furrbaby thinks?

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