Monday 18 April 2016


eSalon is such a unique concept!  
You can use the site for a professionally prescribed at home hair colour called 'Custom Colour' or, you can opt for 'The Match-up' where you can either purchase your own range of hair products and then subscribe for those products to be sent to you every month, or if you need some hair help opt for the Get Matched service where a professional hairdresser will recommend products to be sent to you.
I was lucky enough to meet the UK team behind eSalon, and receive the hair products below from 'The Match-up' range.

Let's delve into 'The Match Up' service first..

It's such a good idea, you receive 45% off of retail prices being a subscriber.  
You can mix and match any 3 products for just £11.00.
My hair is heavily bleached and highlighted so I opted for the colour safe shampoo and conditioner, followed by the Hair styling lotion and a lovely hairbrush. 
eSalon hair products smell divine, are all professional products that really work.
They have brought-back the vibrancy of my poor bleached locks.
The product range is extensive, with everything from volumizing to styling products - there's something for every hair type and requirement.
All the products come beautifully packaged with a drawstring bag for them to be stored in.  
Ideal for travelling too!

You can sign up for 'The Match Up' for £11.00 and you can even pay as you go.

Let's now delve into the 'Custom Colour'
I couldn't opt for this service due to my hair being highlighted - but I really think at home colour is the way to go.  I dyed my own hair black for about 6 years, and I felt that my at home colour was sufficient, but the 'Custom Colour' is unlike any other at home dye.

eSalon's colour is made with professional-grade pigments to deliver rich, long-lasting results and superior gray coverage. Your unique formulation is made-to-order by an expert colorist to provide the best possible result for your individual hair goals. They select from over 15,000 pigment variations and take everything into account: from previous colorings, percentage of gray, hair length/texture and your skin tone.

Your individually blended color arrives at your door, ready for application with personalized instructions developed for your needs. You get exactly what you need to achieve the same high quality results as you would in a salon, with you in control.

For first time clients you can purchase the 'Custom Colour' for £7.00, or you can opt for a single shipment for £18.00 - but the ideal way to purchase your new colour is by the subscription plan for £14.00.

I think eSalon is the new innovative way to dye your hair at home.  Not only that you can
keep your fresh colour vibrant by using their extensive hair product range.

I'm looking forward to seeing eSalon go from strength to strength!

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