Friday 15 April 2016

Currently Lusting After - Typo Stationery

If you haven't heard of Typo before - where have you been?!
In 23 years, the Cotton On Group has grown to become Australia’s largest value fashion group, with eight brands in over 1,300 retail stores in 17 countries across the world, driven by a team of over 20,000 passionate people, and growing. 
Typo is just one of these brands - it's a one stop concept store filled with super cool gift ideas, fashionable stationery, awesome room-bling and other irresistible products.
I have lusted after their stationery range for years and FINALLY you can now have the range delivered to the UK.
(Hide your debit card my friends!)
Typo sell everything from cute homeware in the form of prints, and home accessories to my ultimate favourite their stationery range.
I'm beyond excited to see this brand available in old blighty - I just wish they'd open up some stores here, and then I'd be all set.

Let's delve into some of the gorgeous items that have caught my eye..

1.) Who doesn't love to organise their makeup, or travel items for their suitcase? 
These gorgeous 'You're So Vain' travel cases are too cute for £15.00 and come in two other colours.

2.) Marble, oh marble! When will my addiction to marble and Pineapples end?! I love the idea of floor cushions for my new home so this 'Marble Floor Cushion' for £25.00 is great value too.  It also comes in 4 other colours.

3.) I love a gallery wall, it's such a fab way of personalising a space.  

This cute 'Good Vibes Only' A4 framed Print is totally up my street for £12.00.

4.) Trinket trays not only look fab in blog photos, they are also a lovely addition to any coffee table, or bedside table.  This 'Hey Hey it's a Paw Ty' tray is beyond cute! £6.00.

5.) Another cat themed item, which I know is totally not everyone's cup of tea, but I love them they are too funny! These 'Cat Butt Coasters' for £7.00.

6.) Oh yeah, and while we are talking about cats - how about a 'Cat Head Tray' for £2.50.

7.) Ohmegawwdd a planter in the shape of a Whale?! This 'Animal Planter' (there's also a Swan version too) I just love this little guy with a cactus, or a succulent in him! £8.00.

8.) Last, but by no means least; Typo also stock wrapping paper and all that good stuff!  

This 'Stuff it Gift Bag' and the words on the bag make me LOL! £2.50.

So there you have it, a wish list fit for any crazy cat lady!

I love Typo, and I hope you'll find something on there that you love too.

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  1. OMG, Typo is such an adorable brand I especially love all the animal themed stuff! <3

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. I LOVE Typo!! I stocked up on so many cool finds when I was in Perth last year. I love the wrapping paper and got some really cool prints. I wish they would open a store over here. I'd move in lol

    1. Hahah Lisa I am totally with you there, if there was a store or a flat made up of Typo stuff I'd be in there like a shot! xx


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