Monday 25 January 2016


I love oils, not only for my face, but also for my body.
When the team at Serum45 got in touch a few months back offering me the chance to try a new release of theirs I just couldn't say no.
Serum45 is a breakthrough 45-day facial skin repair oil that uses PROlisseA technology to repair and restore your skin overnight.
It can be used on scars, stretchmarks, dehydrated skin and for facial contouring.
Used daily, Serum45 can help restore the youthful bloom that skin loses over the years.
Use as part of your nightly regime to help the skin look firmer and your complexion regain its glow, in as little as 45 days.

Serum45 can help reduce the appearance of new and older scars.
For the first week apply twice daily and thereafter once a day at night. Massage gently with a circular motion until fully absorbed. For larger areas, also use the palm of the hand. Massage for at least 1 minute. Do not apply to broken skin. Use for 45 days to appreciate the benefits but for truly lasting effects repeat the course. Results will vary from individual to individual.

Stretch Marks
Serum45 can help reduce the likelihood of stretch marks forming during times of rapid change in body size. Serum45 is most effective when used as a preventative measure during pregnancy and should be applied twice daily to the areas most susceptible to stretch marks. Massage gently into the abdomen, hips, breasts, lower back, buttocks and thighs with the fingertips and palms, using a circular motion, until fully absorbed. Use twice daily from the start of the second trimester. Used correctly, Serum45 can also reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. Use twice a day for 45 days to appreciate the benefits; thereafter reduce to 1 treatment per evening. Results will vary from individual to individual.

Dehydrated Skin
Serum45 can help to supplement the natural oils in the skin, particularly in extremes of weather (both hot and cold), and can also help to countereffect the drying effects of central heating and air conditioning. Apply at least once a day to retain your skin's natural, youthful beauty. Results will vary from individual to individual.

Facial Contour Re-Firming
Serum45 can help reduce the appearance of the “jowly areas” of the face and neck and with early intervention can make a marked improvement. For the first week apply twice daily and thereafter once a day at night. Massage cheeks, chin and jowls gently always in an upward motion from the base of the neck taking care to massage into the neck also until fully absorbed. Results will vary from individual to individual.

Using the Serum45 oil once a day for over 45 days, I have found my skin more hydrated, evened out and my stretch marks on the inside of my thighs less noticeable.
The full Ingredients list of Serum45 can be found 'Here'

Serum45 is a long-term solution and it needs time to work.
We all know that good skincare is not a quick-fix and, whilst you may notice an improvement much sooner, Serum45 takes around 45 days to make a fully lasting improvement to the appearance of your skin, penetrating deep down to kickstart your skin cells into regeneration and repair, so you can enjoy a beautifully even skin tone and lasting anti-ageing effect.
This oil comes with a 45 day satisfaction guarantee, so you can really put the 100 ml of this oil to the test, knowing that you can get your money back if your desired results are not reached.
You can pick up Serum45 for £29.99 'Here'

I really like this product, from the packaging and it's pump dispenser - to the way my skin has received the oil and the changes that I've seen after 45 days of continual use.

Do you suffer from stretch marks, and dry skin like me?  Then this product may help!

(some words taken from the Serum45 website)

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  1. this sounds fantastic and i must give it a try,thanks for the recommendation and great review xx

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliment and comment xxxx


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