Friday 29 January 2016

My 2015 Beauty Year in Review

A video where I ramble on for a little over 30 minutes, showcasing everything that I have loved for 2015.  
From skincare - to makeup I have it all covered!
To save you watching the whole video (you can watch the whole lot if you like, but if you do then thanks, and a HUGE hug from me for getting to the end!)

I have listed each category below, along with the timings for each category so you can jump ahead to the section that interests you the most.

I have also listed below all the links to everything I mentioned.
My YouTube Channel link is 'Here'

What's been your favourite cosmetic item for the past year??

HaircareTimings - 00.35.83 - 03.28.30

BodycareTimings - 03.30 - 04.09

Nail Care Timings - 04.09 - 07.49

CleansingTimings - 07.49 - 11.55

Masks and ExfoliatorsTimings - 11.56 - 14.29
Bio Effect Volcanic Exfoliator from The Libbie Club 

Lip CareTimings - 14.29 - 15.38

Serums, Oils and Eye Cream - Timings - 15.39 - 19.14

Sleep AidsTimings - 19.18 - 19.46

Make UpTimings - 19.48 - 30.11
NARS Femme Fatale eye Palette - Cannot Find Sorry!
Thanks for staying with me till the end! I'm off for a vodka and a lie down in a dark room. xx

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  1. There's so many products here I want to try, including bioderma, nars concealer and the hourglass ambient lighting palette! LOOOVE Mary Lou too xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! Are you on Bloglovin? I couldn't find a link to it on your blog? xx


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