Friday 7 August 2015

Bodhi and Birch England

I last reviewed Bodhi and Birch back in September 2014 'Here

This amazing British eco luxury skincare brand, is designed to awaken your mind and indulge your senses.

The brands founder Elijah Choo, and I regularly speak on Periscope and I hope to think we have become good friends.  

Each product from Bodhi and Birch is expertly blended to harness the finest materials nature has to offer, each ingredient is ethically sourced from sustainable origins.

I adore the brand, the packaging and the ethos, so I was delighted to trial more from the range.

I'm a bath and shower lover, I adore products that will enlighten my mood and enhance my day-to-day routine.

I have heard positive reviews of the Mint Thé Bath and Shower Therapy from other bloggers, purely because of its rejuvenating properties, and it's delicious fragrance.

I also opted for the Jasmine Falls Body Moisturiser, I adore Jasmine as a fragrance and the thought of enveloping my skin in such a beautiful relaxing fragrance will help me relax and sleep better.

Lastly I received the Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil - loved by Sienna Miller this skin boosting rose face oil is pure heaven.

Let's delve more into each product from the range - and then I can explain to you why I love this brand so much.
First up the much loved (by celebrities) Desert Rose rejuvenating Face Oil.  I have very dehydrated skin, with regular dry patches and a complexion that sometimes looks very lack lustre through bad sleeping patterns, and generally not feeling well.

This potent blend of Bulgarian Damask Rose Otto, Organic Argan Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil. helps boost skins radiance - which is just what  I need!

It's a very fine light oil, I only use two small pumps and a little goes a very long way.

If my skin is feeling particularly lack lustre - I will apply a fine veil of this face oil on to my skin whilst in the bath.  I wake in the morning to a toned, youthful looking skin - which is nourished and soft.  My dry patches around my nose are less apparent and my skin smells wonderful too.  I even find this oil suits me for when I want a quick facial massage in the evenings, its consistency allows me to massage my face without the product clogging my pores.

You can pick this beautiful facial oil up for £38.00 for 15ml 'Here'
Body Lotions / Moisturisers I go through in days.  I am forever moisturizing my whole body twice a day.  It helps keep my skin nourished and helps my dry patches of psoriasis to be less aggressive too.

I adore Jasmine as I have already mentioned, so when I saw that there was a Jasmine Falls body Moisturiser in the Bodhi and Birch range I couldn't resit it.

Containing extracts of Jasmine, Honeysuckle, High-Altitude Lavender and grounding Vetiver - The scent of this product is pure joy.  Instantly calming and soothing, and what's more it's easily absorbed on to the skin - perfect for everyday use, I keep mine for the evenings - just before bed, where I can apply the moisturiser to help me sleep, and calm my mind.

You can purchase a 200ml size of this heavenly body moisturiser for £20.00 'Here'
Last, but by no means least - the much talked about Mint Thé Bath and Shower Therapy.
A awakening blend of Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Sweet Marjoram and opulent Frankincense.  This shower product is just that - Therapy!

I go into the shower feeling uninspired, tired and aching, I use this product and the mint and eucalyptus fragrances instantly uplift me.  Even my bedroom smells of this product, and it lingers in the room whilst I get dressed.

It doesn't dry my skin out, and I feel that I don't have to immediately put a body moisturiser on.
I hope that Bodhi and Birch bring more out in the Mint Thé fragrance - I love it that much!

You can purchase your own shower therapy in Mint Thé in a 200ml size for £18.00 'Here'
So there we have it my friends, a post where I rave, and rave about products from a brand that I simply adore.  
The range is luxurious, innovative and deserves all the accolades it receives from Vogue magazine, and the rest of the glossies!

If your looking for some indulgence then pop over to the Bodhi and Birch website for inspiration.  

(products sent to me very kindly to review)

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  1. I love bodhi & birch products! Would love to meet Elijah! x


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