Friday 5 September 2014

What's in my Bag? - September 2014 Edition

I love 'what's in my bag' videos as my last video 'Here' from June 2014 shows!

Since then, (as the crazy bag addict that I am) I have picked up a new bag - it's a copy of a Celine Trapeze bag and I was lucky enough to purchase this gem, from a lovely seller on Depop.

Depop is my new addiction not only for selling but also for buying.  I am so pleased with my new bag purchase.. check it out in all it's glory in my video below -

You can find my Depop account 'Here' where I sell tons of clothes, make-up and other bits.

It's continuously being updated so keep and eye on it for new items to be purchased.

What's your favourite handbag at the moment?

You can also find me here


  1. I can see a Hello Kitty theme here! And I'm going to say like all the people that the colour is stunning! Like Nails Inc Bake Street! I also carry all sort of lip products in my bag, I think it's just that I put whatever I wear in the morning and then forget to take it out.


    1. Hey! Definitely a Hello Kitty theme! It's beyond an obsession I'm afraid. Blame a childhood where Hello Kitty was in a limited supply! LOL! xx

  2. Your bag is gorgeous. Love it


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