Tuesday 9 September 2014

Currently Lusting After - September Edition

Oh gosh my debit card, I think it cries out to me at night-time, whimpering at the fact that Christmas is coming and that means I will be buying tons of stuff in the Boxing day sales!

I am ALWAYS lusting after things, I watch far too many YouTuber's and PR agencies to know what's coming up - be it either fashion or make-up, and then I end up creating lust lists!  

The below is my end of September lust list (basically my pay day) I'm not going to be able to buy everything here, but it's only an idea!
1.)  Alphabet bags make up bag - I have seen on 'Not On The High-street' way before all the YouTube lot purchased it and made a feature of it in many of their blog photos.  It's such a cute slogan make-up bag and one that I think would cheer me up every morning. (I feel like I should say thank you every time I read it LOL) It will also make a fab gift for £18.00 for the large canvas design 'Here' or £24.00 for the make-up bag (wider bottom, HE HE!) version 'Here'

2.) This coat / biker jacket from Mango is just epic.  Gorgeous Panel Boucle, with white detailing.  I really like what the model is wearing in the image, plain and simple but still classy at the same time.  This jacket is £79.99 'Here'

3.) Another jacket from Matalan but this time in a beautiful pastel sky blue shade, and in a fabric that reminds me of a teddy bear! This boyfriend style coat ticks all the boxes for me and at £40.00 it's a bargain too 'Here'

4.) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette - I spied this on Monty PR's fab YouTube video 'Here'  where they showed this amazing palette, and then I spotted it on Iheartbeauty.net blog by Alex Garman 'Here' where Alex tells you more about this fab palette and the colours contained in it.  
It isn't released until October 2014, and I'm not sure on the exact date in October yet - but it's the top of my wish list and I really want to snap it up before it sells out!  (I hoping to convince my local Space NK branch to reserve one for me) 

5.) And lastly is Benefit's 'The Real Steal' eye-liner and mascara gift set from John Lewis.  
I have tried the they're real mascara before, but I am yet to try the eye-liner.  
It has caused quite a storm in the blogging world and I am dying to get my paws on it.  
You can pick it up for £19.50 'Here'
So that's my current lust list for you lovelies.  What's on your lust list to treat yourself to for Christmas? (there's that dreaded word again)

(Hourglass image taken from Alex Garman's blog)

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  1. That coat looks so snug! Might have to buy one of them. :)

  2. Aww thanks for your comment my lovely, I have followed you back on bloglovin' I adore that coat, would be a treat to wear it everyday xx

  3. Wonderful selection! Need this coat in my life asap! :)


    1. I know I want both of them!! :-( I need to win the lottery xx


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