Tuesday 16 September 2014

My Personal Planner - Review and Give away!

Being the stationery addict that I am, I am always looking for new ways to organise myself for work, blogging and life in general!  I subscribe to tons of blogs on BlogLovin' and noticed this post from Katherine Louises' Blog and I fell in LOVE with her blog planner!

I loved how Kat had used photo collages for the front and back of her planner and decided to order my own.  

 The photo collage was something that I had to upload on to the Personal Planner website using the PicMonkey photo collage site.  I had to ask Kat for help with this site and the making of the collage and she was happy to give me some tips. (without this info I wouldn't of been able to produce the collage that I wanted)
 I used a majority of my Instagram pictures because this was the quickest way of copying the pictures and putting them on my computer, and then onto PicMonkey. Finally after creating the collage, saving the file then uploading it onto the Personal Planner website.
 The first item I purchased and designed was my blog planner - I went for the medium sized planner as it's a tiny bit bigger then a CD but still substantial enough not to get lost in my handbag! (The exact size is 16 x 14cm) which is £17.95
 I decided that I should put some sort of inspirational quotes and photos mixed in my photo collages and then I chose to have my email address on the very first page (just in-case my planner ever got lost)
 For the internal sections of my blog planner I chose pink (obviously) with the day sections running vertically across the page, with sections at the bottom with 'to do's for this week' and 'ideas of the week' should inspiration ever strike!
 For the back pages of my planner I opted for a mixture of plain paper and lined paper because I am always writing notes and lists to myself for video and blog post ideas and a girl can never have enough spare paper.
On the back of my planner I chose a different collage design and I paid for an extra clear open- top wallet to put receipts in, and to finish off I chose a pink elastic closure, and a pink bookmark / ruler to easily distinguish which day I was on. 
 I was thrilled when my planner was sent to me, it took about two weeks to arrive and the site kept me informed of my order process right the way through to delivery.  I emailed the company a few times with questions about the photo collage and whether the photo clarity would be good enough and they were happy to help and reassure me.
Then because I told Personal Planner that my planner was for a beauty blog, they kindly gifted me a notebook, pens and accessories to use for blogging, I was so excited to create another design.  

I knew my planner was already in the mail so to be able to order a notebook as well was a great addition.  I set to work and designed two new photos collages (using Instagram and PicMonkey again) and this time I opted for the A5 notebook which is a generous 16 x 21cm size and is £11.95.
Again I chose the pink bookmark / ruler and plain paper in the first bundle of pages and then lined paper and then lastly grid paper towards the end pages.

 On the back page I had another open clear wallet for things and the matching pink elastic to match my blog planner.
I am extremely pleased with my planner and notebook from Personal Planner.  Having my own personalised set means I will use them more, and smile every-time I open them because they have photos of my loved ones, and quotes all over the covers which will inspire me.

The Personal Planner website can also be used to design wall planners, normal planners as well as blog planners.  And they also offer leather covers for everything, should you wish to make things a bit extra special for a gift.

The site is easy to navigate, and very easy to understand.  You can save and return to your designs at any time too.   And you can input all the birthdays and anniversary's into the site, so that when your planner is made all this information is already printed into it.

The lovely people ay My Personal Planner have offered one of my lucky readers the opportunity to order their own blog planner / planner for free as a celebration of my little blog reaching over 600 Bloglovin' followers (#amazing!!!)

This competition is for one lucky winner and is for a digital gift card for one - any sized planner, and this competition is open to all my subscribers both in the UK and internationally!

Just complete all the relevant fields below in Rafflecopter, to be in with your chance of winning your very own piece of organisation.  (the stationery geek inside me is smiling with glee)

The competition closes on Sunday 28th September 2014 at 12.00am GMT
I will announce the winner via Twitter and on my blog in a blog post.

Thanks to Personal Planner for the gift and a HUGE thank you to all of you - for your continued support, and Good luck!

Click below to enter - 

You can also find me here


  1. Claire, that is such a fantastic idea for a giveaway. As a big stationery addict & lover myself, i can totally see why you liked that kind of planner so much. Def entering to support this lovely idea. You picked some really funny pictured to go on your cover. Well done. :)
    xo, Luchessa.

    1. Thanks Luchessa! Yeah the planners are a fab idea. xx

  2. OOh you might remember all your appointments now *cackle* x


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