Thursday 25 September 2014

Bodhi and Birch England - Review

Bodhi and Birch England - a brand I have never heard of before.
I was invited to an event for Bodhi and Birch, promoting their new Rosa Rosa range by the PR company for the brand and unfortunately I couldn't attend (that's what continuous physio from my car accident does to you!).
The PR kindly kept me on their radar and sent me over two fab items from the range to try.

About the brand
Bodhi and Birch creates eco-luxury bath, body and skin care to awaken your mind, indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare ritual.

Founded by Elijah Choo, his creations draw inspiration from the healing power of nature and traditional botanical remedies, bringing together Eastern and Western skincare and well-being philosophies. Each product is expertly blended harnessing the finest materials nature has to offer, each ingredient is ethically sourced from sustainable origins.

These tried and tested botanicals are combined with advanced cosmetic science to create high-performance skin care formulated without harsh synthetics. The therapies are infused with potent levels of precious essential oils and active botanicals to rejuvenate skin and enhance well-being.

Proudly made in England, the award-winning range of products has become a cult favourite, championed by beauty insiders and loved by celebrities around the world.

Bodhi & Birch is proud to be present in a carefully curated range of stores, from speciality boutiques such as Stanwells and Les Senteurs Perfumery to highly respected establishments such as Fortnum and Mason, Jarrold and Fenwicks.
The first thing that caught my eye about this range was the packaging, very luxurious in feel and a joy to use.
I was sent the Rosa Rosa hydrating toner and the Ylang -Ylang Incensa bath and shower therapy.
I have loved for years, Molton Brown. I had high hopes that another English brand would be able to surpass my expectations and be better than Molton Brown - And with Bodhi and Birch I wasn't disappointed!

The first product I tried from Bodhi and Birch was the bath and shower therapy, purely because I shower everyday and I wanted to see if this helped me wake up in the dreary Autumn mornings.

Called Ylang - Ylang incensa and part of the sesnsual range I was intrigued!
Containing 4 active botanicals this bottle did not disappoint.

With a mixute of YLANG-YLANG known for its soothing essential oil which helps alliviate stress, decreases nervous tension (I have A LOT of this!) and known as an aphrodisiac which also helps oily and dry skins.

Neroli is calming yet uplifting. It's skin regenerative properties repair and tone skin.

A highly anti-inflammatory oil, camomile is know to bring a sense of calm whilst helping to raise the spirits, inducing a sort of happy or charged feeling.

Grounding and calming, it creates a meditative environment. Gently alleviates insomnia and helps to relieve mental strain

This bottle is pungent! You cannot miss the 4 active botanicals because they hit you as soon as you put the product on to your skin and mix it with a little water.

I am yet to try the product in running bath water but I can imagine it would prove to be even more luxurious.  Once I tried the bath and shower therapy in the shower for over a week, I must say I have become quote addicted to it!  The pump dispenser is easy to use and dispenses just enough product to lather up well in the shower.

It also looks incredibly classy on my bathroom shelf, and leaves my bedroom smelling of the product. (I have an en-suite bathroom and the scent of this product ensures that it wafts throughout my room and house)

This scent is not for the feint hearted, it is a heady smell and one that you will either love or hate!

This shower gel is new to the range and at £20.00 for 200ml it is well priced, and would make an ideal luxury stocking filler - Here  
Next up is the Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner - another fabulously packaged product from the brand, (and also new to the range) encased in a glass spray bottle.
With ingredients of delicate floral waters of Damask Rose, Orange blossom and camomile I knew that this spray toner would benefit my dry, and sometimes sensitive skin.

I wish I could give you all smell - o - vision because the smell of this toner every day on my freshly cleansed skin is just beautiful!

You really do smell the Rose and Orange blossom scent and it really does envelope your skin in a calming mist that also offers a great base for your facial moisturiser and your make-up.
You can find this hydrating toner for £28.00 for 100ml - Here 
I have noticed since spritzing this toner every morning, that my skin is less taught and dry.
One spray of this product is enough to cover my entire face, and part of my neck too.
A little really does go a long way!
Both products I couldn't be more impressed with.  Considering they are both new to the Bodhi and Birch website I feel very honoured to be able to review them for you all.

You can view the complete range from Bodhi and Birch and get 10% off your first order - Here 
I am really excited to try more from the Bodhi and Birch website, especially their moisturisers for dry skin and this fab kit which is great value and contains the Rosa Rosa toner, moisturiser and cleanser for £80.00 packaged in a gift beautiful box - Here 

What do you think of this brand?  Have you heard of them before?

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  1. They sound absolutely wonderful and they look great too x

  2. "It also looks incredibly classy on my bathroom shelf..." — Girl! You are tooooo funny! Hehe, that made me laugh! I LOOOOVE taking baths. I spend (don't judge me!), HOURS in the bath relaxing and watching netflix on the iPad... I'm sure these products could very easily make my bathing experience even more enjoyable! :)

    1. Hey Alex, Thanks for your comment and LOL right back at ya! It does look classy though, much better than all my cheap toiletries from the supermarket. :-( Netflix in the bath sounds great, but I don't have Netflix! Girl... hook me up! xx

  3. Nice shots!

    1. Thanks very much Julia! Loving your blog, and your own photography xx

  4. Beautiful photos of great looking products! They do seem like a dream and I would love to add some of these to my collection :) Especially the toner!
    Jemma xx

    1. Jemma! Thank you for the wonderful compliment. Really kind of you to say - I do hope my photography skins are improving.

      I have followed you back on bloglovin & Twitter.

      BUG hugs and thanks again xx


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