Wednesday 6 August 2014

The Make-Up Bullet - Review

I do love a make-up gadget! When visiting a Bloggers Love event a few months ago I was lucky enough to receive the Make-up Bullet in my goodie bag.

I thought to myself it was only a "thing" and it wasn't going to make my everyday make up routine any easier but BOY was I wrong! 
This little cosmetic finger sponge is Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Washable and Reusable. 
It applies flawless make-up fast, and the best thing about it?
That it fits on the top of your finger enabling you to be sort of 'hands free' when applying your make up.

The Makeup Bullet™ is the perfect make-up applicator to apply cosmetics! It fits snuggly on your no more dropping your sponge and it frees you to hold other objects such as brushes and the proprietary shape is perfect for blending on every part of your face! It can be used multiple times and washed over and over again.
The story of the make up bullet

I really like how the bullet reaches the contours of my face, whilst evenly distributing my foundation and providing me with a flawless finish.
My sometimes sensitive skin is not aggravated by it's use.
The sponge doesn't soak up your foundation either, meaning that there is no product wastage and the bullet is ready to go the next day with no residue.

You can purchase the make-up bullet from Beauty B Cosmetics for £11.99 for one make up bullet 'Here'
Or for the triple pack for £22.99 'Here'

I'm really pleased to of gotten the opportunity to of trialled this product.  
Thanks to the team at Make-up Bullet!

What do you think of this new foundation finger sponge?

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  1. Replies
    1. I know right? Definitely something to watch in the beauty world. xx

  2. This sounds fab, I find holding makeup sponges so awkward. Good to hear it doesn't soak up foundation as well! :)

    Jess xo

    1. Hey Jess,

      Thanks for the lovely comment! This product is fab - defo one to grab if it's ever at an event to trial. I have followed you back on Bloglovin xx

  3. This sounds super interesting, although £11.99 for something so tiny, i dont think i could justify buying!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Hey Jasmine, Thanks for the lovely comment! I know what you mean, mega expensive for such a small thing but I do love it so xx

  4. What a cool product to get in a goody bag. I'm still unsure about the whole beauty blender / sponge gadget craze at the moment but this is definitely swaying me. The fact it doesn't soak up foundation and is easy to use and you don't have to wet it, I might try get one to test ;) x

    1. Yes, defo contact the Beauty Bullet team and ask them for a sample and let me know how you get on!? Thanks for the great comment xx


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