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Bob Martin announces partnership with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home - Event 15th July 2014

On the 15th July 2014 I was invited to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home in London to be shown around the cattery and meet the team from Bob Martin.

Bob Martin is now working in partnership with Battersea to supply cat litter to three of the Battersea centres.  The day we spent with Battersea and Bob Martin was to promote the new Felight cat litter.

Felight is a unique, super light cat litter which does not compromise on absorbency and odours. Each granule contains thousands of fast acting micropores which quickly absorb liquid like a sponge, instantly trapping any unpleasant odours.

Bob Martin Felight is available from supermarkets including Asda, Coop, Morrison’s and Tesco as well as pet stores. Felight is available in 5 litre (Coop only) and 10 litre at RRP £2.99 and £4.49 respectively.

This post is photo heavy! :-)
I've always wanted to go to Battersea - it was such an amazing day!
Felight AntiBac Bag 10L visualIMG_9428_RT

Bob Martin, the family company making pet healthcare products for over 120 years, has announced that it is partnering with the world famous animal rescue centre, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The new four year partnership sees Bob Martin providing all the cat litter required at the three Battersea centres: in South West London, Old Windsor in Berkshire and Brands Hatch in Kent.  Bob Martin’s Felight is used in the litter trays for all cats and kittens in the Cattery to ensure they are comfortable during their stay at Battersea. This totals 83,000 litres of cat litter – approximately 28,000 litter trays every year. 

Lindsey Quinlan, the Head of the Cattery at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home said, "The donation from Bob Martin will make a real difference for us across our three centres in helping our cats feel more comfortable during their time at Battersea.  We can have up to 190 cats looking for a home at any one time between all our centres so we certainly go through a lot of cat litter every year. The donation enables us to create a better environment for our animals, ultimately helping them to be re-homed quicker."

Savi Madan, Managing Director, Bob Martin commented, "We have long admired the work that Battersea Dogs and Cats Home does to look after animals when they need it most. We have been working with the Home to find a way to support their animals and our Felight cat litter has been well received by their cats. Battersea understands our history of caring for pets and our ambitions are aligned: to help pets to be happy and healthy."

To celebrate the partnership, Bob Martin has redesigned its Felight packaging and all packs now include a Battersea Dogs and Cats Home logo.  Battersea has also renamed two of its cats Bob and Martin respectively to support the launch.

Battersea has around 190 cats looking for homes across the three sites - Aldwich and Brands Hatch.
Battersea receives no government funding and relies solely on donations and partnership.  And it costs £12.7 million a year to care for the dogs and cats on the Battersea sites. 28,000 trays of cat litter being used a year by the cats at Battersea, there's no limit on how long cats and dogs stay at Battersea either and any breed of cats or dogs are welcome.

They re-home on average 7 cats and 7 dogs a day - Such amazing work!
The lovely Savi Madan - Managing Director of Bob Martin 
The new Felight cat litter - now used in the cattery at Battersea
Meet my stuffed friend!
Georgina Martin - Great grand daughter of Bob Martin - such a lovely girl!  Her dad still owns the company and is 75!
Zoe the independent vet was on hand to answer any questions we might have about our own pets.
We were lucky enough to be shown around the cattery that has only been open for two years
When you adopt a cat or kitten from Battersea they really do offer your new pet the best start in life with everything included above

Here's where the adult cats were housed in the cattery.  Bright well lit pens with tons of toys and windows for the cats to look out into.  The two ladies to the right of the picture were there to collect there new addition

Here's the pet shop within the main building at Battersea
Two sisters that had recently been neutered were playing happily in the main cattery waiting to be re-homed
This big fella was a joy to meet - just look at his moustache!
This is Tom he lives with Jack in his pen you can view his details 'Here'
The face of this little baby made me giggle!

I love the way that Battersea take great pride in informing you about the cats that you can re-home.  Everything is listed about the history of the animal and its preferences for a new home.

What a poser!
Then we were shown upstairs where we were allowed to play with the kittens.  Each of us had a kitten to play with and we got to sit for 20 minutes and cuddle them!  20 minutes with my little friend just wasn't enough. :-(
This is a god awful photo of me (I was a hot mess) but meet Nemo!! Awwwww
Nemo wanted to show me his home
And have a go at my trousers...
This little guy was too cute for words, just look at his missing eyebrow! If I could of adopted him then and there I would of.  But a few weeks later and he's already been re-homed so I wish this beautiful baby all the best in his new forever home
The little details around Battersea are so cute!
The cattery shop
My friend was trying to get me to buy this book so that I could make my very own woollen Siamese cat
Looks like a tough job to me!
Such a lovely collaboration with Bob Martin and Battersea
More Bob Martin products to buy in the cattery
We then decided to have a look at the dogs, we weren't allowed to take photos unfortunately

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Battersea, it was a joy to meet the team from Battersea and Bob Martin and meet so many amazing cats and dogs.

Thanks so much for inviting me guys and for the wonderful goodie bag from Bob Maetin that I received today.

To see the amazing cats and kittens that are looking for forever homes click 'Here'

To view the gorgeous Dogs that are also looking for their forever home click 'Here'

Have you ever been to Battersea?
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  1. It seems like a great place for all the animals! I would love to have cats inside my house, but I'm allergic :( The ones we have live in the stables with the horse!

    1. Hey Stephanie, aww shame that your allergic, but great that you have cats of your own. thanks for the comment xx

  2. I have always wanted to go here but I fear I would be in floods in tears, refuse to leave and want even more cats x

    1. Hey honey! Yeah I was tempted to take Nemo home. You would of loved it! Hopefully Bob Martin will hold another event and you can go along. xx

  3. That's a lot of cat litter!!

    Those cats are adorable, I would have spent my whole day awww'ing at them! Moustache cat is my favourite, as are the kitten siblings. Battersea Dog and Cats Home does a fantastic job, I have gone past there for years and have always wondered what it looked like inside, it has surpassed my expectations and looks like a lovely place for the cats to stay while waiting for their new home :)

    1. Hey Becky, Thanks for your fab comment! Moustache cat was a beast but a cudderly one at that. Such a cutie pie and a right poser!! Pleased my post showed you what fab work Battersea do for all the pets that they look after.
      I have followed your fab back on bloglovin' and Pintrest. LOVING you DIY posts xxxx

  4. Lovely post, Nemo is adorable!

    It really does look a wonderful, warm place. We found our two cats (as kittens) in the woods and hand reared them. If I could have another- I'd definitely go to Battersea!

    L xo
    Head full of flowers


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