Monday 7 July 2014

Maylash Natural Eyelash Serum - Review

A few months back when I was still recovering from my car accident, the lovely Olivia from Maylash contacted me asking me if I wanted to try the natural eyelash serum from the brand.

I was intrigued!  I knew how many competitors there were on the eyelash serum market but with my current hair, skin, nails and eyelashes suffering from all the side effects of pain medication I decided to bite the bullet!

I read the reviews on the site, and I thought I would give the serum a run for a month not expecting to see much difference.. boy was I wrong!
Maylash can be found 'Here' the price is off-putting I will give you that for 3ml it's £49.00.  But the results speak for themselves and it's worth the investment.
You apply Maylash to your lash line using the small brush, you don't feel any runny consistency and it never aggravated my sensitive eyes.
You can purchase Maylash directly by clicking 'Here'
My lashes have always naturally had a see-thoroughness to them, not very pigmented with my natural hair colour and barely noticeable without mascara on.
Maylash has increased the density of my lashes, they are now longer, thicker and more durable and although the pigment of my lashes hasn't improved much - the luxuriousness has.
I have had so many people comment on my lashes asking me if they are real or extensions - I take great pride in telling them they are grown by me! (with a little help from Maylash)

Everything sits better with my daily make-up now.  My lashes looks longer and fuller and so do my eyebrows.  I feel generally more confident without mascara now, and I am thrilled with the results.

I applied Maylash every night for a month whilst I was off sick from work, I also applied it to my eyebrows to try and improve there density and I found that although Maylash isn't meant to be applied on there my eyebrows also felt thicker.

I now use Maylash as and when I need to.  I thought going without applying Maylash would mean that my eyelashes would go back to their normal thin state but they haven't at all - they have stayed thick and full.

Have you tried Maylash before?

Have you had similar results from an eyelash serum?

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  1. ur lashes look amazing I am definetely gonna give it a try xxx

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    1. Hi Remi, Thanks for your lovely comment. I have followed you back on bloglovin' and Twitter and Instgram. Your blog is beautiful! xx

  2. Wow your lashes look incredible! I'm glad you've found a product that works. I'm sure you'll have fun testing out new mascaras on your new lashes! x

    1. Aww Lucy, thanks for the lovely comment. Your blog is soooo pretty! I have found the Oriflame "the One" mascara the best for accentuating my new lashes ;-) you must check it out. xx I've followed you back on bloglovin', G+ and Twitter xx

  3. Great results! I haven't tried any lash serum because I really like my lashes how they are, but sometimes I condition them with castor oil before bed!


    1. Stephanie,

      I have never heard of castor oil being used - does it do the trick? Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  4. Nice review!!! beautiful look!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my like in bloglovin for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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