Tuesday 1 July 2014

IMATS 2014 Vlog and Haul

Here's my IMATS haul for your enjoyment.  I am pleased I visited IMATS as I have always wanted to go but, I guess I had my 'blogger' head on that day because I was really disappointed!

I know that this event is for professional make-up artists but I thought that the selection of brands on offer were just 'OK', and I felt that £40.00 admission to IMATS was rather steep for the choice that you got.

I have been to Professional Beauty this year and I found the deals there much better value for money and a wider choice of products.  Also Professional Beauty is free event which I think is fab! 

Regardless I enjoyed my time at IMATS and maybe next year more brands will be there and I might go.
Here's what I purchased

A closer look
The Nars stand was just amazing, but you couldn't get a proper look at this stand because of how small it was and how many people were there (as this photo illustrates) plus no prices were shown for the range above! = weird!
If your thinking of going to IMATS then I would definitely recommend visiting the NARS stand, NYX, and Crown Brush - but go to the NYX stand first as the queue was massive!  
Have you ever been to IMATS?  If so what did you think?

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  1. Wow looks like you got some great products! I was gutted that I couldn't go but looks like you had a great time :) xx


  2. Hi Lucy, Thanks for the great comment. Yep I picked up some bargains but I doubt I will go back. I have followed you back on bloglovin' xx

  3. I went on Sunday and I was pretty disappointed too with the brands offering, I was missing like sleek and illamasqua. Even though I loved it, especially the Nars stand don't think I will be attending next year. Considering I have to fly over (am from the Netherlands) and pay for hotel and stuff.

  4. Hey Ellen, Thanks for the comment. I can't believe you made all that effort to go to IMATS and you too were disappointed! :-( It must of cost you a bomb with flights and hotels? Have you been before? xx

  5. i love the NARS sets! I always get them when I see them at Winners or TK Maxx. I don't like big crowds though, I know I wouldn't have much patience at IMATS!

    1. No Stephanie, IMATS was rather crowded. Kind stressed me out and was happy to of left the building at the end xx


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