Thursday 13 March 2014

February 2014 Monthly Favourites

I do love a good favourites video just like the next person!  But when your laptop of 9 years gives up the ghost, and you are only left with your Canon camera and an Ipad - you try to blog and film, you hope and pray that you get the chance to upload - anything!

So my laptop is back and not in 100% better shape but I managed to upload this video for you guys, it only took me two days!! (If you heard tears and cries from Surrey then that was me!)

So here's my February 2014 monthly favourites for you all. 

It's a mixed bag this month - but one filled with two fantastic fashion blogs, some make up and a sprinkling of online selling!

Depop - an online marketplace that sells differently from eBay you can find my Depop 'Here' and I am selling some top quality items!  I adore Depop it is just so user friendly, and a faster way of selling than eBay.

Primark Necklace - I cannot find this online sorry!

Revlon Foundation I have the shade 'Buff' for normal to dry skin £12.49 from Boots 'Here' It's an amazing, hydrating foundation that provides my dry skin with moisture and staying power.  

Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel - in Translucent for £3.99 'Here' A bargain beauty product but one that does exactly what it says on the tin.  

Lurch hound loves blog - A beautiful blog filled with great style

Lazy to lovely blog - Another amazing blog filled with inspirational outfits

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  1. I have the same foundation and I love it too! The shade buff is a tad bit dark for me but I can manage!
    The Beauty Break

  2. Hey Carla, thanks for the great comment! It sure is a fab foundation, it beats so many high ends ones hands down. I have followed your blog on bloglovin. xx


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